With his last breath, a buffalo managed to take revenge on a hunter who shot him. The animal managed to pierce the subject’s leg with one of its horns

By: Web Writing

Australia.- Taking advantage of his last seconds of life, a buffalo He managed to pierce the leg of a subject who shot him moments before.

The events occurred in the Bradshaw Harbor area, in Australia During the past June 20 when the pair of hunters followed the trail of blood left by the animal, however, it hid in the undergrowth and when they got close enough, it attacked the subject who shot him using his last breath.

He Hunter, who was identified as Chris Mcsherry, had to be urgently admitted to a local hospital.

Through his social network Facebook, the subject published images of the place where the huge animal fell dead, as well as the subject fell badly injured.

The horn wound was disclosed to be at least 8 inches in length. For this reason, he had to undergo two surgeries and several skin grafts had to be performed.

After the publication of his case on social networks, many people have considered this event as a case of KarmaThey have even been directed to his Facebook profile and to insult him. It should be noted that Chris usually shares his hunting exploits, as well as videos about other people doing this activity.