Buenos Aires Peronism begins to shuffle names of possible candidates for 2021

With an eye on the Parliamentary election next year, Buenos Aires Peronism begins to shuffle the names of the leaders who could make up the list of national deputies for that district.

Although many referents recognize that there are still « light years away » for this to happen, there are not a few who begin to wield their preference in favor of figures such as the current head of PAMI, Luana Volnovich; your pair from the ANSES, Fernanda raverta, Malena galmarini, at the head of AYSA or the Buenos Aires minister himself, Sergio Berni (Security), who in early August had the province’s walls painted with his name.

Other leaders, while recognizing that Volnovich, Raverta and Galmarini « could be candidates on any of our lists, and in fact they already participated in the last election « , they consider that « It would be an absurdity to put them to dispute legislative positions, when they already occupy important executive positions, and also, they are managing well. « They also do not see sense in forming a list with names already repeated in previous elections.

But also, if by next March the mayors still cannot modify, either by legislative or judicial means, the article that in the Province prevents them from going for a new mandate in 2023, Several of them, with own weight as in the case of Martín Insaurralde, could aspire to integrate the list that deposited them in the Lower House.

« That could happen, because they are aware that there are many who finish their mandate and it would not reach the list to add them all in 2023, so that several could aspire to go to Congress next year « , says the prominent leader of the interior of Buenos Aires, who warns that because of that, « it may happen that there is not much resistance, except from the opposition that would be right, in enabling them to re-election. »

The Lomense also has, together with Máximo Kirchner and Sergio Massa, the power of the pen when it comes to setting up payroll: « In Province there is a completely closed alliance between Insaurralde and the mayors that he represents, who are many, with Máximo and Sergio, and that agreement is fully defined. They are at this time the Peronism of the province from Buenos Aires, although there are also others, such as Sergio Berni and Fernando Espinosa « , says another high-ranking reference from the suburbs, consulted by BAE Negocios.

With that stage as a backdrop, the names of several other applicants emerge with certain chances, that of Facundo Tignanelli, head of the Frente de Todos in the Legislature and alter ego of Máximo in the Buenos Aires territory; that of Santiago « Lalo » Revora, twice provincial legislator and current undersecretary of Municipal Affairs in the scope of the Ministry of Government, who is also the minister’s cousin Eduardo « Wado » by Pedro (Interior), and that of the former provincial deputy and current Secretary of Municipalities of the Ministry of the Interior, Avelino Zurro.

Taking into account that gender parity will govern the lists, the name of the former provincial deputy and current Undersecretary of Equality and Sexual Diversity of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Women, Lucia Portos emerges with its own brilliance.

« Alberto (Fernández) is also going to want to put a Santiago Cafiero -one of the presumed pointed out by Cristina in the letter in which she warned about the officials’ not working’-, if he decides to remove him from the government to preserve him from management. Several times it was said that he could be a candidate in the Province, « says another source, which considers that also the vice president « may have an ace up her sleeve, like some economist, as happened at the time with Fernanda Vallejos or a scientist. « The truth is that » in March the hypotheses of the possible candidates will begin to be woven, and if the formula is repeated, the specific names will be know during the closing of lists « , they augur.