Bucky Barnes Revenge

Easter eggs are there to be fed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this point in the saga and Falcon and the Winter Soldier is no exception. They are usually very subtle, almost barely seen on some occasions, never explicit as such according to what the filmmakers want them to be.

In the three episodes already broadcast of the second Disney Plus series after WandaVision (Jac Schaeffer, 2021) that continues with the superhero adventures of the Avengers, we have found several Easter eggs. One in a notebook that belonged to Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), another on Star Wars: A New Hope (George Lucas, 1977) and some more on the X-Men. And there is some rather funny reference to the past of its protagonists.

Sam Wilson, in the back seat during ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

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In the episode Third episode of the first season of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, after Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl) explosively solves the tricky situation where they found themselves with a handful of Madripoor thugs, they say goodbye to Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) .

Later, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and the haunting Baron of Sokovia climb into the convertible car the latter has run into to drive away at full throttle.

Falcon sits in the not very spacious back seat, behind the staring almost White Wolf, almost a former Winter Soldier. And, looking uncomfortable and with a shared memory in his head, the one tells his centennial companion: “You’re not going to move your seat, are you?”

Bucky Barnes: where they give them, they take them

Falcon and the Winter SoldierMarvel studios

Bucky barnesnaturally, he replies no. Thus, in Falcon and the Winter Soldier he achieves a little revenge against Sam Wilson. Is due to a very similar situation in which they saw themselves during Captain America: Civil War (Joe and Anthony Russo, 2016), but precisely in opposite positions.

When Steve Rogers meets secretly under a bridge with Sharon carter, niece of his beloved Peggy carter (Hayley Atwell), for her to hand over her shield and all the other gadgets, armor and technologies that the three of them use, her two friends wait in the blue scarab with which they move as fugitives during the film.

And it is there, then, where the former military refuses to move his seat so Barnes can feel a little more comfortable. So where they give them, they take them, Mr. Wilson. A comical situation that at the time made us see the potential of bringing both characters together and the chemistry they have on screen.

One more reference, of many, that we see throughout the new series that Marvel studios is premiering in Disney Plus, including Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And one more way, to maintain a certain level of continuity and constant reference to past events that occurred in films in his cinematic universe.

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