Bucks to give away Pfizer vaccines to fans

The Bucks they are going to offer fans to attend their home game against the Nets next Sunday May 2 a dose of the vaccine from Pfizer against him coronavirus, as announced by the franchise in a statement.

Is about a pioneering initiative, far from the situation not only in other countries and in other basketball competitions but in the country itself, which has advanced a lot in the rate of vaccination thanks to the economic inversion put into it but (of course) it does not go at the same pace in all states.

This movement is made in collusion with the Milwaukee Health Department and it will take place, for the moment, only this Sunday.

Fans who have a ticket for the game, are over 16 years old and so wish, can get the vaccine at an approved center for it near the Fiserv Forum, the brand new center where the Bucks play. Those who are vaccinated with this first dose will enter the registry of the Department for the administration of the second prick, with which the immunization is completed..

“We strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated. We are delighted to partner with the Bucks and the Department of Health for this good and convenient opportunity. It is a critical time for all of us to take this necessary step to return to a normal life.” stated Peter Feigin, the president of the Wisconsin franchise and also responsible for the pavilion.