The sports ambition of Milwauckee Bucks in recent years it is one of the great secrets of its constant improvement and the role of favorites in the ring of the NBA this season 2019/2020. The deer team as a badge has seen the coronavirus slow down its trajectory at the best moment imaginable, with a historical record and the possibility of taking the final stretch of the season calmly to reach the playoffs at full capacity. With no holes in their squad and the conviction of knowing themselves favorites, those of Mike Budenholzer He faces quarantine without letting his guard down and being aware that they must be physically and mentally prepared for the resumption of the league, if it occurs.

“It is important for the players and the technical team to continue with the conviction that we will play this course again. If we thought that there is a high possibility that this was not the case, we could relax a lot, let ourselves go, and it would be psychologically hard. I am aware of what Adam Silver And the entire NBA management team will have to make difficult decisions and that health must be paramount, but it would be important to work together to be able to return to the competition. If so, I have no doubt we will be prepared, “said the Bucks coach.

Obsessively hardworking, Mike has long displayed a fierce effort to polish details for excellence. “Our mantra is to be better every day and that is not going to stop the coronavirus. We continue with that mentality and we dream of being able to play some playoffs as normal as possible. We are already focused on a first round that would not be easy since we could measure ourselves to Orlando Magic or Brooklyn Nets“he argued in words collected by ESPN.