In the month of March, when the world began to slow down its daily hustle and bust due to the pandemic, in various parts of the world the parameters were analyzed to decide what should be the first steps to follow to move closer to a certain level of normality.

07/08/2020 at 18:09


That has not happened in the United States, much less in Florida, or as it could lately be called « The World Upside Down & rdquor ;. This state, which has only been a great facade, is nothing more than a swamp from the 19th century turned into majestic and seductive cities.

Many things are hidden behind the buildings that are combined with the varied shades of blue of the sea and the different shades of skin that are the result of sun baths.

There are realities that are far from the tourist’s sight, such as the poverty index and economic inequality. Florida it is one of the worst states in terms of education and job opportunities. When we add to this the political factor, we could say that it is nothing more than a « first world banana republic ».

Although Miami has some of the richest neighborhoods in the country per capita, paradoxically it is one of the poorest cities in the United States. On the other hand, Florida is one of the preferred destinations for many companies due to its low taxes and the possibility of finding workers for wages below the United States average wage.

Those who live in Miami or Tampa know that the area’s main industry is deception, not tourism. Cheating can be said to be the “unofficial industry & rdquor; of the state.

From Ponce de León looking for the Fountain of Youth to pirates attacking and smuggling merchandise around the Caribbean; from Al Capone and the liquor ban back to the 1980s and drug trafficking and more recently, the financial fraud in homes that partly caused the 2008 economic crisis in the United States. All this inexorably marked the state.

Nor can we forget that one of the epicenters of FIFAGate was Florida, Miami to be more specific.


But let’s stop talking about these issues and focus on the place where the eyes of world sport will be fixed in the coming weeks: Orlando.

This city, which is currently suffering a lot due to the pandemic as it is one of the most visited tourist places in the world, was also created based on illusion.

Orlando, which in the 1830s was nothing more than a fortress created to protect the new inhabitants of the area, became a century later the place where the world’s most famous amusement park is located.

Starting this July, and despite being currently one of the epicenters of the pandemic worldwide, this city will host three simultaneous sporting events of soccer, basketball and wrestling.


Wrestling has been present in the city since April. The MLS is almost hours away from the tournament “MLS is Back & rdquor; celebrating the long-awaited return of football. And the NBA will resume at the end of the month.

However, Florida’s coronavirus numbers have exceeded 10,000 cases per day. It should be noted that the population of this state (approx. 22 million) is less than half of Spain. At the time this note was published, it had approximately 90,000 fewer cases than all of Spain.

In the last week, intensive care centers have seen a drastic increase in occupied beds and fears of a possible sanitary collapse arise.

There is a great dissonance coming from the governor of the state of Florida, Ron De Santis, who said last weekend that the pandemic “is well controlled”. while at the same time the Florida Department of Health confirmed nearly 11,000 new cases that day.

The governor himself, a staunch ally of President Donald Trump, through his Secretary of Education required Florida public schools to normally open August as a venue as a measure to further activate the economy.

Santis it has resisted from the beginning in a way, as we could say … “Bolsonarista & rdquor; against the figures that come out every day. It refuses to close the state’s beaches and does not want to impose the use of masks. The latter is an issue that has been politicized to a bizarre and unrealistic extreme and that has promoted nationalism even more among those who support the reelection of the president this coming November.

In the month of May, while states like California and New York prohibited sporting events to prevent the spread of the virus, Santis He was reaching out to several professional sports franchises so they could settle in Florida.

A month earlier, causing great controversy and in order for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to record their shows live, he declared that professional wrestling was « an essential industry ».

Later it was reported that Santis made that concession as a political favor to the owner of the WWE, Linda McMahon, who made a significant donation to Donald Trump’s presidential re-election campaign within the state.

In the past week, WWE has reported cases of COVID-19 at its Orlando training complex. The World Wrestling Observer publication also reported that a handful of fans were banned from wearing face masks during the recordings, although this was later flatly denied by the entity.

The last solution of the US government was to tell a country with almost three million cases that “you have to learn to live with the coronavirus & rdquor ;.

As for the world of sports, the number of confirmed cases combining the NBA, WWE and MLS is rapidly approaching 100.

The “MLS is Back & rdquor; it gets complicated. There are MLS teams that for this same reason have postponed their arrival in Orlando to play this week. On Monday FC Dallas was withdrawn from the tournament as 10 players from its roster tested positive for coronavirus.

Nashville SC confirmed nine players with positive results and the team is already within the Disney bubble. What will happen in this situation?

The NBA is also on that path. Now there are several players who do not want to go to Orlando for an endless number of reasons and begin to retire.

The reality is that those in the MLS don’t have the same economic power or strength at the union level to make the same decisions as NBA players.

What did you say Jorge Valdano, “Football thought it was important, but the virus told them the truth & rdquor ;. The big problem was that no one told the Americans. They believed they were the exception to all the rules and they believed that their sports were important, and right now the coronavirus is giving them another slap in the face.