BTS: The Best – Music News

Today we bring you a wonderful song that surely all fans of Korean artists, and Korean music of the moment will be fascinated. Stay because we tell you the details of BTS’s new single here in MUSIC NEWS!

BTS released their new album, an album that contains nothing more and nothing less than 22 wonderful songs that you will be able to enjoy and of course dedicate, and why not cry …

Some of the songs that you can enjoy are, DNA, lights, film out, blood sweat and tears, airplane, Dionysus, stay gold, let go, spring day, ON, not today, your eyes tell, crystal snow, make it right, among many other titles that will simply leave you shocked when listening to the new album of the Korean band BTS.

The reality is that we are all elated by this new material that promises a lot and that of course each and every one of the fans of this Korean band have unconditionally shown support for the new music and we are sure that the successes will follow, And of course you don’t know we say it for this new BTS album, but

For the different news that we have already had about the band, since they have managed to position themselves in the first places of the Billboard charts

You need more?? Check the link of one of the 22 songs of today!

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