When the Twilight saga hit theaters, a large number of its audience fell in love with Robert Pattinson. One of them was actress and director Bryce Dallas Howard, who had the opportunity to work alongside the histrion in the third installment of the saga.

On the Couch Surfing show, Bryce commented on various clips of his performances in the series. When it was time to talk about Eclipse, the actress then confessed that she even had a Post-Its pad with the face of Robert Pattinson on it.

« Back then, a friend, who is now my brother-in-law, filled out a post-it pad with Rob’s face on it, » said the actress. « And underneath they said: ‘Live dangerously.’ So I wrote all my notes there for years and then I had a chance to be there [en Eclipse] and to know him and he is a charm ”.

In Eclipse, Bryce Dallas Howard becomes a remake of Vitoria, a female vampire desperately seeking revenge against the Cullen family, who killed her fiancé during the events of the first movie.

The actress recalled a moment in the saga when Pattinson’s character finished off his by taking a bite out of his head. The actress said that she still has photographs from the set where actor Xavier Samuel holds his decapitated head and cries for it.

In addition, according to Howard, her husband felt the tickle of jealousy, since years ago when they saw Twilight, the actress squeezed her hand tightly every time Pattinson appeared on screen.

Eclipse, the film that could bring Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Pattinson together, turns ten years old this 2020 and both actors have projects awaited by audiences like Jurassic World Dominion and The Batman, respectively, on the horizon.

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