Bryan Fuller directing for Sony and Blumhouse a new version of Stephen King’s novel, ‘Christine’

Sony Pictures and Blumhouse have greenlit a new film version of the classic Stephen King novel,‘Christine’. It goes Deadline advance that Bryan Fuller (showrunner of ‘American Gods’) adapt the story and direct it under the production of Jason Blum for Blumhouse, Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban.

Directed by John Carpenter, the original 1983 film centers on Christine, a 1958 Plymouth Fury that rolled off a Detroit auto assembly line. But it is not just any car … At the bottom of its chassis is the devil himself, who harbors an insatiable desire for revenge that freezes anyone’s blood and destroys everything in its path.

Fuller has extensive experience with the science fiction genre as a writer and producer on series such as ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, ‘American Gods’, ‘Hannibal’, ‘Heroes’ and a few others. The filmmaker’s intention is to adapt King’s bestseller while maintaining that ’80s tone.

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