Brutal crime in Adrogué: a Navy employee beat to death a political leader in a traffic discussion

Bringas was 52 years old Bringas was 52 years old

Fernando Oscar Bringas, a renowned 52-year-old leader of the South Project Party in Almirante Brown, died this Wednesday after being admitted in serious condition for six days in a hospital. The reason, an absurd fact: he was violently beaten by a man in the middle of a traffic argument.

As confirmed by police sources ., the assailant was identified as Daniel Hernán Nipoti, a 47-year-old Navy employee, who clashed with Bringas at the corner of Espora Avenue and Plaza Esteban in the Buenos Aires town of Adrogué. According to what this media could find out, the victim fell fainted on the asphalt and then had to be transferred to the Lucio Meléndez Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery, since the head trauma he suffered caused him to lose consciousness. Due to the seriousness of his condition, he remained intubated in the medical center until yesterday, when he finally lost his life.

As soon as the attack occurred, troops from the 1st police station. de Adrogué arrested Nipoti although the prosecutor who intervened in the case, Lorenzo Latorre, head of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 3 of the Judicial Department of Lomas de Zamora, released him a day later and described the file as serious injuries. According to the . agency, the murderer was released because for Justice it was an act of “legitimate defense.” However, when the death of Bringas was known, the case was elevated to pre-intentional homicide.

Bringas with Pino Solanas, to whom he dedicated some heartfelt words after his death in Paris (@ bringasari.brown) Bringas with Pino Solanas, to whom he dedicated some heartfelt words after his death in Paris (@ bringasari.brown)

Regarding the victim, it transpired that he was coordinator of the Admiral Brown Promoting Nucleus for the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy and within the Lomas de Zamora region of the CGT he represented the Argentine Union of Pharmacists and Biochemists. As . learned, he was registered under the social work of the Doctors of the City of Buenos Aires. He was domiciled in the town of José Mármol and was a leader close to Mario Cafiero, another leader who died recently.

As specified by Proyecto Sur, the origin of the fight occurred after Bringas’s car was hit from the rear by Nipoti. He remained hospitalized for a head trauma with a stroke and subcranial hemorrhage, a condition that became even more complicated after a swab that they performed detected that he had coronavirus. This prevented him from being transferred to a more complex hospital.

Although police sources indicate that there was an exchange of blows, from around the murdered leader they assured the newspaper Politica del Sur that Nipoti struck Bringas without a word and left him unconscious. In fact, according to ., after analyzing security cameras that captured the scene of the fight, the prosecutor Latorre ordered the release of the suspect.

Bringas agonized for six days and in the middle he got coronavirus Bringas agonized for six days and in the middle he got coronavirus

In social networks there were many who fired Bringas and the messages joined in a request for justice for the absurd death of the 52-year-old man. The statement of the Lomas de Zamora regional CGT that requested that the guilty receive the sentence that would correspond to him for the crime is highlighted.

“We ask for justice for our friend and partner, and that the full weight of the law falls on the guilty party, thus paying for their vandalism criminal acts. Fernando RIP Your friends and colleagues cry for you ”, reads the union’s message.

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