Brussels demands, without the support of PP and Vox, to recognize the rights of homosexual couples throughout the EU

Demonstration against LGTBIphobia in Madrid, on September 8, 2021. (Photo: Marcos del Mazo / LightRocket via .)

The European Parliament (EP) has urged Member States to fully recognize LGTBIQ marriages or unions registered in other European Union countries.

In a resolution approved this Tuesday with 387 votes in favor, 161 against and 123 abstentions, the European Parliament advocates a “common approach” throughout the EU for the recognition of unions of LGTBIQ people, while demanding that member states ensure the free mobility of “rainbow families” and their right to private and family life.

Likewise, it calls on the European Commission (EC) for “concrete measures” to guarantee the free movement of LGTBIQ families in the territory of the EU and calls for legislation to oblige EU countries to recognize those adults as parents of a minor. that appear on a birth certificate issued by any country of the community bloc “regardless of the legal sex or marital status of the aforementioned adults”, as well as to recognize unions registered in other Member States.

The MEPs of the Popular Party have abstained and those of Vox have voted against, while the rest of the Spanish parties with representation in the European Parliament have voted in favor of the resolution that seeks more protection for LGTBIQ people.

Poland and Hungary at the center of the debate

The MEPs (who voted in favor) have focused on the deterioration of the situation of LGTBIQ people in Poland and Hungary, demanding that the debates on the legal process of Article 7 against Poland and Hungary on the rights of the collective be resumed , and asked the EC to face the “clear risk of serious violation” by both countries of the “values ​​on which the EU is founded.”

The resolution also recalls that Union law “prevails over any type of national legislation”, so that Member States may not invoke any “constitutional” prohibition of marriage between persons of the same gender, nor invoke the constitutional protection of the ” moral ”or“ public order ”to prevent the free movement of LGTBIQ persons within the EU.

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Although the case of Hungary is not expressly mentioned, the country led by the ultra-nationalist Viktor Orbán included in the Constitution adopted in 2011 that marriage can only be the union of a man and a woman, while last December the national parliament approved a constitutional amendment that excludes all homosexual couples from the right to adopt. The European Parliament has denounced “the hostile rhetoric of elected politicians and the waves of homophobic and transphobic violence.”

It is not the first time that the European Parliament has reprimanded Hungary and Poland for measures taken at the national level that undermine the rights of the collective. The European institution recently declared the EU as a zone of freedom for LGTBIQ people in a symbolic gesture against the attacks of the Polish and Hungarian governments against them.

However, the European Parliament has not only made reference to these two countries and has stressed that, despite the generalized stagnation in the EU of the human rights of LGBTIQ people that has occurred during this year according to the ILGA-Europe association, there is no no legal or political change has materialized that “positively” affects the group.

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