Brunette. They accuse Delgado’s “early rises” in the selection of candidates

Morena militants denounced a lack of transparency in conducting surveys to select candidates for mayors and legislators for the next elections, and accused that in some cases, Mario Delgado gives « early rises », by promoting external applicants, without having been elected through transparent mechanisms.

“Mario Delgado acts on behalf of CEN by himself and on behalf of the Elections Commission, he calls meetings overnight, they communicate very late to the general secretary, Citlalli Hernández. He is taking powers that should be by majority and replaces the statutory bodies, in addition, there is no explanation for the transparency of the polls. We do not know of someone who has been surveyed, ”said Marcos Fuentes.

In a conference, they accused that in the case of the State of Mexico, Delgado and the licensed senator, Higinio Martínez, have tried to impose external figures in practically the entire country. « If the surveys are being carried out, include the most outstanding colleagues and do not eliminate them before making the consultation. »

The members of the Foro Nacional Militancia Morena (FNMM) warned that the electoral process of 2021 It will be essential to recover the party at the national level and they reported that there are already various appeals before the Honesty and Justice Commission against Mario Delgado for allowing the incorporation of external candidates and critics of the 4T, with the endorsement of the national leader of the party.

“He is becoming the coordinator of a faction headed by Ricardo Monreal, in the State of Mexico by Higinio Martínez, and by Marcelo Ebrard in the country, who have unpresentable proposals and that is why the president of the CEN morenista is wanting to give early rises”Said Raúl Río Valle, who read the position of the FNMM.

As examples, they pointed to the case of sports commentator Enrique Garay, whom they are seeking to run as a candidate in Huixquilucan, as well as the mayor of Ecatepec, Fernando Vilchis and Raciel Pérez, who are seeking re-election in Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla, respectively.

“Mario Delgado cannot be judge and party, he is president of the party and a member of the National Commission of Elections and must be impartial”, Warned the founders of Morena

In addition, in Mexico City, they demanded that there be the incorporation of questioned profiles, and exemplified the case of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, where a pretext is being given to Senator Ricardo Monreal « to break with Morena ».

Likewise, in Nuevo León characters such as Víctor Fuentes have been integrated, who until a few weeks ago was still criticizing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. They accused people from the Frente Amplio Anti-AMLO (FRENAAA) and linked to Gilberto Lozano, as well as PRI members who receive the support of the candidate for the state government, such as Clara Luz Flores.

In Michoacán, they accused that the national leader of Morena has come to impose candidates and « there is no truthful information on who passes in the polls, there is no transparency, while they are about to support reelection or burned cartridges ”.

In Jalisco, the National Forum of Militants denounced that there are more than 2,000 registered applicants and 90 percent of them are not members of Morena. This is the case of Marcela Michel, who until recently criticized the Fourth Transformation or Mariana Fernández, who aspires to the mayor of Zapopan. All this, « while Morena’s companions are not even heard, » said Humberto Casian.