Brujas-PSG: Summary and result of the match – Round 1 – Champions League 2021

First puncture of the season for Mauricio Pochettino’s team, which has not been able to get past the draw against Bruges who fought for victory until the end. The Parisians went ahead with a goal from Ander Herrera, but the Belgians quickly tied the match at the hand of Vanaken. Very gray party of the Parisians where Mbappé left injured in the right ankle.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 92 ‘| END OF THE MEETING! PSG puncture in Belgium in a very gray game by the Parisians and in which Messi Neymar and Mbappé were not able to hurt Bruges.

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Messi, Mbappé and Neymar, an image for history


BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 90 ‘| The referee adds two minutes to the meeting.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 85 ‘| Five minutes to go and PSG is still in danger of reaching Mignolet’s goal.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 80 ‘| Up Messi! Nuno Mendes playing for the band that focused it on the Argentine and did not hit the finish line.


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BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 74 ‘| What an opportunity for Lang! Ketelaere crossed and the Dutch striker finished off the Chilean, although he did not find a goal.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 72 ‘| Yellow for Leo Messi after a clear stomp.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 70 ‘| Stop Mignolet! Very good combination between the Argentine and Neymar, Messi finished with his left foot but Mignolet stopped him.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 65 ‘| Minutes of uncertainty in Belgium, a very stopped game in which neither team is clearly arriving.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 60 ‘| PSG tries timidly at the hands of Messi and Neymar with almost no success. The minutes go by and the Parisians do not improve the image in the field.


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BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 55 ‘| Bruges are still very ambitious looking for the goal that gives them an advantage on the scoreboard. The expectant PSG.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 50 ‘| Setback for PSG, Mbappé has to retire injured in his right ankle and Mauro Icardi will enter.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 46 ‘| THE SECOND TIME BEGINS! Pochettino makes a double change, Wijnaldum and Paredes leave and Draxler and Danilo Pereira enter.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 46 ‘| END OF THE FIRST PERIOD! Very interesting game that we are seeing, in which Bruges is standing up to PSG. Everything to decide in the second half.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 43 ‘| Few minutes to the end of the first half and Bruges continues to timidly arrive in the area of ​​the Parisian team.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 38 ‘| Squeeze the Brujas! The Belgians are slowly beginning to reach Navas’ goal, although without too much danger.


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BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 33 ‘| Vanaken had it! Good execution of the foul by the captain of Brujas, who repels Keylor Navas. The Belgian team, better in the match right now.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 29 ‘| To the crossbar Messi! Shot of the house mark of the Argentine who found the crossbar, first notices of the Rosario.

BRUJAS-PSG (1-1) 26 ‘| GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL OF VANAKEN! Very good center that the captain of Bruges receives from the right wing and the Belgian defines the left post perfectly, with no option for Keylor Navas.

BRUJAS-PSG (0-1) 20 ‘| Bruges have improved their image after receiving the goal, timid arrivals of the Belgians without too much danger.


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BRUJAS-PSG (0-1) 15 ‘| GOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL OF ANDER HERRERA! Spectacular play by Mbappé on the right wing that put an exquisite center to the Spanish that defines perfectly.

BRUJAS-PSG (0-0) 12 ‘| First yellow of the match and in this case for Leandro Paredes, an error in the ball out of the Argentine midfielder and a foul on De Ketelaere.

BRUJAS-PSG (0-0) 10 ‘| First glimpses of the Bruges who want to go quickly to the counter as soon as they regain possession of the ball. No chances in these first ten minutes of the game.

BRUJAS-PSG (0-0) 5 ‘| First minutes of the meeting in which PSG is the owner and lord of the ball. At the moment everything according to the planned script.


BRUJAS-PSG 20:40 | The two teams are already warming up on the grass at Jan Breydel Stadium. Few minutes to the start of the meeting.

BRUJAS-PSG 20:20 | The referee who will direct the meeting will be the Swiss Sandro Scharer.

BRUJAS-PSG 20:00 | GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE! It has been made to wait, but at last we can see the trident Neymar, Mbappé and Messi. Both clubs have already confirmed their respective eleven for the match that will begin in just over an hour. On the part of the locals: Mingniolet; Mata, Hendry, Nsoki, Sobol; Balanta, Rits, Vanaken; Sowah, Lang De Ketelaere. The visitors: Navas, Hakimi, Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Diallo; Wijnaldum, Paredes, Herrera; NEYMAR, MBAPPÉ, MESSI.

The match will take place on Wednesday, September 15, at 9:00 p.m., at the Jan Breydel Stadium.

Where to see and which channel does the Bruges-PSG televise?

The match can be seen on Movistar Champions League 4.

Lionel Messi during his debut with Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1

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Paris Saint-Germain was paired in the group of death after the UEFA draw, where they will have to face the competition’s runners-up, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. The always combative Leipzig and Bruges complete the group. The Belgian team, a priori the Cinderella of the group, will seek to surprise the French giant, who could start with the Mbappé-Messi-Neymar trident in his debut in the highest European competition.

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