Bruce Buffer

The headache that became the realization of UFC 249, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, gradually begins to take shape. With an event scheduled for April 18, the famous announcer of UFC, Bruce Buffer I confirm that you can participate in the show, but I make it clear that your presence will be official after a series of preventive measures adopted by the organization.

“I start from the beginning that, if I announce in an event, in the place, the safety factor of all those who are present, the way we will be examined, what they want it to be, everything that is obvious, if that is what they are about Okay, it’s a sure thing to do, so we’re on it. True? Obviously, it shouldn’t be public. We already know that ”, said Buffer in interview with MMAJunkie Radio.

Even with the protocols adapting, the fans, fighters and the officials of the organization continue to be tied without knowing basic details such as the place chosen to carry out the event, the card, at the beginning was scheduled in NYbut the governor It vetoed the holding of public events to prevent and minimize the risks of becoming contaminated with the coronavirus.

“I don’t know anything about anything. I am a mercenary of the press. I always joke and say that my lifestyle is the same as James Bond. I don’t have to kill everyone, but when I get a call, I have to put on the suit. I don’t know, I mean, I could get a call five days before the event and I have a decision to make. I already did shows with one leg, I already did three events in a row. You know that I will never tire of entering the octagon. But now we have a bigger context to consider. The factors that exist, I know Dana. I am sure that every day is a new day for him with everything he has to deal with. He is trying to entertain people, “ concluded Buffer.

Earlier this week, fans of MMA received the news that Khabib confirmed his departure from the event due to travel restrictions in Russia. Two days later, the light champion spoke out and He stated that he is willing to face Tony Ferguson.

Regardless, the stellar fight remains the big unknown for everyone.