Brown points to ‘imperfections’ of budget cap in 2021

The gulf that exists in economic terms between the head formations and the multiple members of the middle area of ​​the grid is one of the main reasons for the difference between them, something that seems to have an expiration date.

Not all that glitters is gold, and even less so in Formula 1. Despite the fact that the 2021 season will be the first to be carried out under the first measures relating to the budget limit, the truth is that the development of the cars that will star in this year’s races has not been affected by it. . Great formations like Mercedes They have already hinted that this time they will compete on equal terms with others, but there is still much to learn from the management of this system, or so Zak Brown thinks.

“The FIA, the teams and Formula 1 have been working continuously to define and regulate the budget cap,” revealed the McLaren CEO. «I am convinced that it will be learned from this year and that it will not be perfect. I believe that they will hit the key and that what we all hope will be achieved: compete on a more equal footing.

“I believe that they will hit the mark and that what we all hope will be achieved: compete on a more equal footing”

The costs of the engines or the pilots’ salary and part of the directive are outside the 145 million dollars stipulated as the maximum amount to be disbursed, a circumstance to take into account and that Brown does not overlook. Will 2021 usher in a new era in Formula 1? Probably, but the approach is still very green for the American and will have to evolve with the passage of the Grand Prix.

“We used to spend above the budget limit, so we had to make some adjustments to stay below the ceiling. We will learn things this year; I think there will be discrepancies, but we will make progress. Andreas and the team have all the resources to function within the limit, so spending to the limit and achieving full performance is a goal, “closed Brown, hoping that McLaren’s two podiums in 2020 are only the first piece of the puzzle on his return to the top.