Brooklyn Nets with good news and bad news about their stars

The superstar of the Brooklyn nets, James harden, you will be out for at least 10 days after an MRI revealed a strained right hamstring.

To recall, Harden suffered the injury early in his game against the New York Knicks on Monday. As he drove to the basket before passing the ball to Kyrie Irving four minutes into the competition.

James harden He pointed out to Steve Nash that something was wrong. Eventually, he was replaced and made his way to the locker room, where the initial diagnosis revealed a strain on his hamstrings. James Harden underwent an MRI today that revealed a strained right hamstring, the Nets say. It will be reevaluated in ten days.

Interestingly, the injury came when it was just announced that Kevin Durant, who was also suffering a hamstring injury, will return to the Los Angeles’ lineup. Brooklyn nets Wednesday against the Pelicans from New Orleans.

On March 31, James harden suffered for the first time injury on the hamstring against the Houston Rockets. The veteran guard stayed out of Brooklyn’s next two games and returned to the starting lineup against the Knicks. However, it appears that his hamstring was aggravated, causing him to lose more time for the Nets.