Throughout these years there are not a few reinventions that have been made of the famous dock of the Joy-Con console, often aimed at giving it new functionalities, such as being able to continue using the portable screen while playing, giving it more tilting positions to make games more comfortable -without the risk of neck dislocations or cervical overload- or even with the built-in LAN port. On other occasions, instead, models have been designed that simply appeal to nostalgia, for example taking advantage of an old NES, or giving it the shape of a Super Nintendo, many anonymous Internet users signing up for this trend. But also some companies specialized in the creation of peripherals have seen a business opportunity like (no, it’s not about Hori in this case) Brook Gaming, a Taiwanese company that has tested redesign the GameCube model, the mythical 128-bit predecessor from three generations ago, in a more compact way, while retaining some interesting features, creating the prototype Power Bay.

And it is that apart from allowing you to continue playing on the portable screen while charging the battery, also Allows you to connect up to two GameCube controllers through their original ports on the front, and two more wired controls per USB port from the rear, so it offers quite a few possibilities -removing the official Pro controller, of course, apart from supporting up to two pairs of bluetooth headphones and having its own cooling function, an interesting detail for the upcoming summer period. This eye-catching peripheral is slated to launch in the month of June under the price of $ 54.99, as you can see through its official website, although of course during these days it is not very feasible to make imports of this style, so you will have to wait a few more weeks just in case.

Power Bay Switch dock by Brook Gaming

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