Broncano almost injured Dafne Keen in ‘The Resistance’: “The Marvel people have thought: They kill her!”

The Resistance received this Tuesday the visit of the British Hispanic actress Dafne Keen, known in the Marvel universe for giving life to Hugh Jackman’s daughter in Logan or for her participation in the series The Sixth Refugees.

Broncano recalled that during the visit that the young woman made to El hormiguero, she performed aerial acrobatics with some fabrics, and the presenter wanted to do the same in the Movistar program, but they encountered a difficulty.

“We cannot hang anything from the ceiling,” said Ricardo Castella, director of the program., commenting on the limitations of the Arlequín theater in Madrid, where La Resistencia is recorded.

Then, the presenter asked a person in the audience to help Keen jump rope with the fabrics they had for the acrobatics: “Caber … cabes …”, affirmed Broncano after the test.

Dafne Keen in ‘The Resistance’ MOVISTAR

“Let’s not get upstairs either!” Keen exclaimed before jumping up.but after several seconds of jumping back and forth, the actress tripped and fell to the ground laughing.

Broncano commented between laughter: “Those of Marvel in his house saying: No, they kill her!”, but everything was a scare for the young woman and for the presenter, who were able to continue with the interview.