If he recently refused to take advantage of his daughter’s money, James Spears is nevertheless in embarrassment. At issue: the large salary he received in 2019 …

On August 22, Britney Spears has once again an appointment in court. In question: the supervision of the artist. Indeed, it has been 12 years now that the singer was placed under supervision. A decision that has been called into question lately by the artist who would like regain his freedom.

A very comfortable salary

It must be said that this court decision is costing him dear… even very dear! Britney Spears disbursed according to The Blast revelations just over $ 1 million in attorneys ‘and advisers’ fees… In 2019 alone! Thus, her father, James Spears, who was her legal guardian until recently, received $ 128,000 in 2019, or around 100,000 euros, to manage his daughter’s affairs.

Britney Spears’ father defends himself

Revelations that should not reassure Britney Spears fans. The latter accuse the former real estate agent of taking advantage of his daughter’s money. Charges on which he recently spoke in New York Post columns:

All these conspirators know nothing. The whole world knows nothing. I have to report every penny spent to the courts every year. How the hell could I steal anything?

And to add:

I love my daughter. I love all of my children. But that’s our business. It’s private.

Britney Spears ripped off by her father?  New compromising revelationsBritney Spears and her father

However, it is clear that the #FreeBritney movement continues to grow. Fans of the singer, but also some personalities like Miley Cyrus or Rose McGowan have shared their support to Britney Spears asking for her tutorship to end.

And for good reason: it is rumored that the star would no longer be free financially, but also physically. Indeed, she “would not have the right to drive, to vote, to see friends or to spend her money without permission”.

Britney Spears Spending Examined

Rumors that his relatives have denied. While justice will examine the singer’s bank accounts, The Blast lists some of the young woman’s expenses. So she would pay 20,000 dollars a month in child support for his ex, Kevin Federline, who owns 90% of the custody time of their two children.

Britney Spears also offered some trips, for an amount less than 500,000 dollars… Trips which also benefit her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. And for good reason: the star pays the bills for both. What to worry about the judges?

Britney Spears in danger?

It is true that the behavior of the star in recent weeks has often been considered worrying. The singer has chained the embarrassing videos on social networks … Thus, many are the Internet users who fear that the star, who suffers from bipolarity, does not relapse as in 2008, when she shaved her head in front of the photographers.

Jamie Lynn Spears breaks the silence

Questioned by Internet users, Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ little sister, refused to discuss her health problems, content to declare on social networks:

You have no right to assume anything over my sister, and I have no right to talk about her health and personal affairs. She’s a strong woman that you can’t stop and that’s the only thing that’s obvious.

What will justice decide? The answer in the coming weeks!