Britney Spears’ request for her father to stop being her custodian was denied

It has long been known that Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie spears (James Parnell Spears), he has nothing to envy Luisito Rey. We all remember it last week when in a trial to remove as her custodian, the actress revealed that her father has prevented her from removing her intrauterine device; in other words, that she has control over her reproductive decisions and that he will not allow her to marry. In addition to this, the lord is the one who controls his daughter’s fortune. It is known that he has not had a job for 20 years.

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Mr. Spears became the custodian of Britney Spears when she had the famous episode in 2008 related to the loss of custody of her children and in which she ended up in a psychiatric hospital. After the statements given last week in court, public opinion turned to ask that the singer be freed from the parental yoke.

Variety has revealed that for now his father will continue to manage his finances and his life for the time being. As they reported, on Wednesday the judge handling their case, Brenda penny, denied a request months ago to remove the father as sole custodian and give that position to the Bessemer Trust, who today share that role with the father:

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The custodian’s request to suspend James P. Spears in favor of assigning the Bessemer Trust Company of California as sole custodians of the state is denied without prejudice. [Britney Spears] you are substantially unable to manage your financial resources or resist fraud or undue influence

It should be said that this decision of the judge has to do with a previous request made months ago by the singer’s lawyer, Samuel Ingham III. This is not related to what he said in court last week. For that testimony to be taken into account she has to make a new legal request to remove her father as the custodian of her property. That said, it is striking in any case that the judge has denied her request after hearing a testimony in which the singer made it clear that her father is abusing the power that has been conferred on him by the state in relation to the assets of his daughter. The actress said that he should be in jail and that he intends to sue his family.

Some of the words said by the singer and that put the public’s opinion in her favor were the following:

Ma’am, I’m not here to be anyone’s slave … I’m so angry that I can’t sleep, and I’m depressed, I want to be heard … I want change and I want change moving forward. I deserve changes. I just want to get my life back, 13 years have passed and it’s enough. It’s enough and it doesn’t make any sense … I’ve had enough. I want to meet with a therapist once a week, not twice a week, and I want him to come to my house. ‘Cause I really know I need some therapy […] and I would like to progress progressively. I want to be able to personally choose my own attorney. The main reason I am here is because I want to terminate the guardianship without being evaluated.

On the other hand, recently Sharon Stone revealed that Britney Spears asked her for help during her mental breakdown in 2008, but that the actress could not give because she was not well at that time:

Britney wrote me a very long, important and moving letter during a very difficult time in her life – about the time people recognize because she shaved her head – wanting me to help her. The truth of the matter is, we both needed help. She needed help and I needed help.

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