Britney Spears hallucinated with medicine, bodyguard reveals

Britney Spears hallucinated with meds, bodyguard reveals | Instagram

A bodyguard Britney Spears revealed that the “Oops … I Did It Again!” had effects similar to those of a person medicated because they gave her strong drugs that made her hallucinate about parallel universes.

Fernando Flores, former police officer who provided his service to the “star“Britney Spears, as a bodyguard in 2010, told” The Sun “that on Friday of every week a woman would come to her client’s residence to give her the medicines.

He explained (to Britney) what each thing was: three antipsychotic drugs and birth control pills. She went from being sane to talking about parallel universes, “said the security agent.

Flores assured that during the months he worked for the “Princess of pop“He saw how the famous woman’s phone was monitored, the suitcases of her visitors were searched and how she cried when receiving orders from James spears, his father and court-appointed guardian since 2008.

James called three or four times a day to check on what was going on (with his daughter). (Britney) She spent her days watching television or exercising. When I was depressed, I would cry listening to ‘It’s a Man’s World’ (by James Brown), “the guard added.

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Fernando made headlines in various media in 2011, when he sued the celebrity for $ 10 million, claiming she was sexually harassing him, using drugs, and was basically a disgusting person.

He flatulence or picking his nose without realizing it and without apologizing (to Fernando and others), and was constantly and intentionally loud and profane in his speech, “he said then in a document.

He did not bathe for days, he did not use deodorant, he did not brush his teeth, he did not fix his hair, he did not wear shoes or socks. “

The legal confrontation was resolved later, despite the fact that a source close to the pop singer called Fernando a liar for the complaint.

And that ring…?

The former Disney star was seen wearing what is speculated to be an engagement ring, despite the fact that she herself said at her hearing of her legal battle for her guardianship on June 23 that it prevented her from marrying her boyfriend. , her personal trainer Sam Asghari, whom she has dated since 2016.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Britney was photographed with her partner last Sunday having a coffee in Los Angeles, wearing a ring with a large diamond on the ring finger of her left hand.

The protagonist of Crossroads: Friends Forever (2002) indicated to the court last month that, through his guardianship, her father has controlled all aspects of her life, and that he has even forced her to put on contraceptive implants to prevent her from have more offspring.

Britney is the mother of two children: Sean and Jayden, whom she conceived with her ex-husband, dancer Kevin Federline.

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Promises to expedite the end of your guardianship

Mathew Rosengart, Britney Spears’ new lawyer, promised yesterday to act quickly to end the restrictive legal imposition to which the singer is subjected.

The lawyer assured yesterday afternoon, at the gates of the Stanley Mosk court in Los Angeles, California, that he is preparing an aggressive defense to remove the father of the “Princess of Pop” as his guardian, reported Page Six.

My firm and I are moving aggressively and expeditiously to file a petition for the removal of James Spears unless he resigns first, “Rosengart said.

The statement comes after a long-awaited hearing in Britney’s battle against her “abusive” guardian was postponed until next week.

Montgomery alleges that he needs more than $ 50,000 a month for a private security service since he began receiving death threats in June.

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However, James says that people related to the case have received these types of messages, and that it would be impossible to provide security for everyone, so he would have to pay the money himself.

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