Could it be that the protagonist of this story found his Doppelgänger or has discovered that he is a time traveler?

By: Web Writing

Michael Koropisz, a young 24-year-old British painter, never imagined that his passion for Victorian age It will lead to a ‘lost twin’ who lived in 1905.

The surprising story of Doppelgänger or time travelers, began when a friend of Michael sent him the Photography of a young man in black and white believing that it was him, to their surprise, the one in the image was not Michael.

After verifying that the Photography it was not false and dating from 1905, Koropisz decided to take a Photography in the same pose and modify it in black and white tones, its resemblance was impressive.

« I was shocked when I realized it wasn’t me, that we had the same hair, face shape, nose and fashion sense, » Michael said in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

Koropisz decided to publish the comparison of both photos and relate what he had discovered through his social networks.

In the publication, Michael highlighted that he is currently passionate about Victorian age (1837-1901), he dresses like the men of that time, he writes with pen and ink and travels by bicycle.

Koropisz believes that his taste for the lifestyle of more than 100 years ago is due to his ‘past life’.

Do you think it’s a time Traveler?