LONDON – The sixth son of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was born on the 29th, is called Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas, the boy’s mother, Carrie Symonds, announced on Saturday.

Wilfred is the same name as Johnson’s grandfather and Lawrie is that of Symonds’ grandfather, while Nicholas is a tribute to the doctors who “saved the life” of the prime minister when he was admitted to COVID-19.

Those doctors are called Nick Price and Nick Hart, detailed the fiance of the head of government.

Johson, 55, was admitted to the intensive care unit at St Thomas Hospital in London for several days before being discharged on April 12.

“Thank you so much to the amazing maternity team at UCLH (Hospital University College London) who took such good care of us. I couldn’t be happier, my heart is full of heart,” said Symonds, 32.

Johnson has four other children with his second wife, Marina Wheeler, from whom he separated in 2018: Lara Lettice (27 years old); Milo Arthur (25); Cassia Peaches (23) and Theodore Apollo (21).

The British Prime Minister sent this message to his citizens after being discharged and moved to Easter.

In 2013, a court ruled that citizens had a right to know that Johnson had another daughter when he was mayor of London.

According to the British media, the girl was born in 2009, the result of an extramarital affair with art expert Helen Macintyre.

Newspapers like “The Guardian” have suggested that Johnson may have a seventh child, but the head of government has not confirmed the exact number of his offspring.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus, the politician reported Friday in a video posted on his Twitter account.