British joint venture Virgin Media O2 to upgrade its network to fiber by 2028

By Paul Sandle

LONDON, Jul 29 (.) – British cable and mobile provider Virgin Media O2 has stated that it will upgrade its entire network, which serves 15.5 million customers, to fully upgrade to fiber optics by 2028, thus stepping up your command to BT in the deployment of ultra-fast connections.

Virgin Media 02, a joint venture that joined the cable network of Liberty Global and the mobile network of the British operator O2, of Spain’s Telefónica, earlier this year.

Its CEO, Lutz Schuler, said Virgin Media is already the UK’s leading gigabit network – offering speeds of 1.1Gbps at the end of this year – and that the upgrade will make it even stronger for decades to come.

Schuler said the cost will be about £ 100 per install, much lower than competing fiber construction because it will use its existing infrastructure.

The total investment, not including customer migration costs, is about 1.43 billion pounds, given that 1.2 million homes are already connected to its fiber network.

BT has set an ambitious plan to bring fiber to 25 million customers by the end of 2026.

(Reporting by Paul Sandle; editing by Sarah Young and David Evans; translation by Darío Fernández)

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