TheSecretary of State for Scotland Douglas Ross, has announced this Tuesday itsresignationfor its disagreement with the way in which the Government has responded toDominic Cummings breach of confinement, Chief Adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In his statement, Ross has explained that he does not know Cummings in person and that he accepts the explanations that he offered on Monday about why he decided to travel outside London despite the confinement,defending that he considered that “it was the best thing for his family”.

However, the conservative deputy, regretted,many other people “feel that this decision was not available to them”. “I have constituents who did not say goodbye to loved ones, families who could not cry together, people who did not visit sick relatives because they followed the guidelines given by the Government,” he stressed.

“I cannot tell you in good faith that they were all wrong and that a government adviser was right,” said Ross, who with his departurehas confirmed the discomfort within the cabinet headed by Johnson, which have been reported by the British media.

Despite pressure to remove Cummings, Johnson has not relented and has kept him in the job. The advisor alsoHe has refused to resign despite acknowledging that he made a personal trip of 400 kilometerswhen he was obliged to keep 14 days of quarantine.“I do not regret what I did,” he said., defending that “the rules inevitably do not cover all circumstances and it is clear that I was in an exceptional situation”. Cummings took his 4-year-old son to the home of relatives in Durham, 400 kilometers from London, when his wife was diagnosed with coronavirus and he had symptoms, so according to the regulations, he had to be confined. The woman accompanied Cummings on that trip.

Johnson’s adviser recalled thatthere are exceptions for situations with young children, therefore, its actions are “reasonably in line with legality”. The only point where he acknowledged that he could have acted differently is not to have discussed the issue with Johnson. “I did not consult with the prime minister on this decision,” he admitted.