British doctors urge action when lockdown ends

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. – The British Medical Association (BMA) urged the government on Wednesday to impose tough new restrictions when England’s lockdown ends on December 2, to avoid a “collapse” of health services this winter.

Lifting restrictions “without new measures in place runs the risk of deepening the crisis in our health service and will leave hospitals and general practitioners’ offices overwhelmed, unable to provide even the most critical patient care,” the BMA said. Wednesday in a statement.

Among the measures the BMA wants to be imposed once England comes out of the shutdown:

– Replacement of the “rule of six” that allowed mixing up to six households with a rule of “two households” to reduce the social mix.

– Do not travel between or through different local blocking levels.

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The BMA warned that if the new measures are not implemented “quickly,” “the cost of care and the lives of patients will be severe.”

Before the end of the lockdown across England, the BMA suggests a “large-scale reform of the testing and contact tracing program.”

“We must not waste the efforts of the many people who have followed the law, stayed at home, sacrificed freedoms and incurred financial losses to contain the virus,” BMA chairman Chaand Nagpaul said in the statement.

“When the first lockdown ended, there was no coherent plan to keep COVID-19 at bay, and no clear and simple public messages; this was followed by skyrocketing infection rates, more companies failing, new ‘local’ restrictions and we now have a death toll of over 52,000 ″.

“As England prepares to come out of their second lockdown, it is unthinkable that we will make the same mistakes again because this time, the impact will be much worse. It is reasonable to conclude that without these measures, the NHS will not be able to cope with the care of the most seriously ill patients, “he added.