Órdago a la grande el realized by Bring young a few days ago when it was set as a goal to be a better shooter than Stephen Curry in a year. Considered by many to be the best pitcher in the entire history of the NBASee how the young Atlanta Hawks baseman tries to climb into his beards and sends a clear challenge to overthrow the established power. Can sorpasso be viable? The Warriors’ injury this season means that the two records cannot be compared this season, although if there is something clear it is that Young presents an evident upward trend. He assumes a huge number of pitches, but that does not prevent a clear potential to be seen to enter the select club of the best shooters in NBA history.

04/06/2020 01:04
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Nothing like consulting statistics to try to discern the viability of this challenge. Trae Young presented 32.4% in triples last year, while so far this season its record has risen to 36.1%. It improves nothing negligible for a second-year player who is the clear leader of his team and assumes a huge role in attack. However, this record is a far cry from Curry’s since his first NBA season. That of the Warriors has never dropped below 40%, having been its worst record in the 2016/2017 season, with 41.1%. This season cannot be taken as a reference due to the few games played.

It is clear that Trae Young has much to improve, perhaps focusing on the shooting team with special intensity. And is that the Hawks is in eighth place in the classification this season in terms of better percentages of triples. Ahead of him are names like his brother’s, Seth Curry (45.3%), but also from league stars like Damian Lillard (39.4%), Kemba Walker (37.7%), Paul George (39.9%) or Jayson Tatum (39.8%). In addition, analyzing the number of triples thrown per game, we realize that Young is fifth in the standings and three of those ahead of him (Buddy Hield, Damian Lillard, D´Angelo Russell) have a better percentage than him, with James Harden being the only one to shoot more (12.6 triples per game) and to have a worse percentage (35.2%).

Unraveling all these statistical data and highlighting them, it seems clear that Bring young He has been able to get carried away when making this daring prediction, although it is also true that without great objectives you cannot grow, and that the stars of the league must self-demand themselves. These statements may have the counterpart of further motivating Stephen Curry, and make it stay at those percentages above 40% that, for now, have been unattainable for any star in the NBA.