With each reshuffle, Brigitte Bardot finally hopes to be heard. Indeed, for years, the 85-year-old activist has been making calls to successive governments to warn about the importance of animal protection. A cause in which she has invested body and soul since the creation of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in 1992, and which does not seem to interest the French government too much, much to BB’s dismay. Since the start of Emmanuel Macron’s mandate, Brigitte Bardot sent him several open letters written by hand from her residence in La Madrague in Saint-Tropez. In 2017, in a statement released by ., the star of Contempt had already become angry with the President. “The animal cause is the fifth wheel of the presidential carriage!, she lamented. I’m fed up ! I wrote two open letters to Macron. I got no response. “

“I overestimated you again”

And to add: “I am also very disappointed with the way in which Nicolas Hulot allows himself to be grappled with by a government which does not care about ecology. I can only count on public opinion. I am known around the world for being the protector of animals. It is scandalous that my country does nothing.“Thursday July 30, 2020, Brigitte Bardot stepped up again to challenge Emmanuel Macron following the ministerial reshuffle of July 6. I don’t see any animal protection representative. However, in this push to return to nature, animals would have been entitled to a ‘little secretary of state’ which you have distributed do you want, here are the high-sounding titles. Now that I have been able to appreciate your incompetence at its true value, I have overestimated you again.“To see if this time, the message will find its recipient …

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