Brie Larson becomes a youtuber Launch her own channel!

Brie Larson becomes a youtuber Launch her own channel! (AFP)

Brie Larson becomes a youtuber Launch her own channel! | .

Every day the Internet has shown us new content creators, among them one of the most used websites to do so is Youtube, in which an exorbitant number of people uploading videos with different content has attracted attention mainly because Hollywood celebrities have been doing it during these months of 2020, Brie larson be part of them.

This news the actress, director, producer, singer and screenwriter Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers better known as Brie larson hinted that he had the intention of launching his own YouTube channel, which would later become a reality.

With 31 years of age, Brie has become a personality not only in Hollywood but now also on social networks and YouTube, although she started her career at a very young age, her role for the Marvel Studios company was with which she catapulted her career in the youth market and fans of the company’s tapes and comics.

About four months ago, the protagonist of the movie “Captain Marvel” decided to venture into this website, creating a channel where she could share important and useful information for people who subscribe or simply those who see its content.

Thanks for watching my first YouTube video! It was great to learn from everyone who joined. Make sure to follow them. Leave a comment to let me know which creators I should also work with, please! I am very excited about this trip; be sure to let me know what you want to see. Like or subscribe if you want … or not. You decide !, introduction of his first video.

In the first video of their channel we immediately began to see some well-known faces on the Internet, surely in the future they will be collaborating with Brie larson to support it and have it even more recognition on the Internet.

At the moment he has 17 videos on his channel, four months ago he decided to open it, he already has 448 thousand followers, his videos are usually somewhat short, they do not usually exceed 20 minutes, the shortest is 7 minutes respectively.

Thanks to his so natural personality in his videos, he quickly managed to have so many subscribers, however, he is not usually constant in terms of his content, perhaps by publishing more often he will achieve a large number in a short time.

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The most recent video is where he shared a dance routine that he did before going to sleep, although the video lasted only 10 minutes it was something quite entertaining, where we see the effort and commitment that Brie Larson leaves in each of the projects in which he participates, said video once finished decided to share it on his official Instagram account.

Thank you so much for having me Brie !! And thank you all for the love. Hope to see you in a dance class soon, wrote Galen Hooks, her dance coach.

Brie larson She is an extremely humble woman, she is someone with whom she could immediately strike up a beautiful friendship, especially because of what she shares in the descriptions of her video, worried about knowing what type of content she could upload and inviting those who see her to subscribe if so they wish, thus affirming that it is not an obligation

If you have other dances or choreographers that you would like me to collaborate with, please comment below. As always, like and subscribe if you want! However, it is not necessary, “Brie wrote at the end.

These types of celebrities are the ones who win the hearts of viewers and internet users, thanks to their personality and character that captivates by their humility.

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