Flavio Briatore has ruled on the return of Fernando Alonso Formula 1 stressing that it is the Spanish, and not him, who returns to Renault. Despite this, he has shown himself willing to help the one who was his ward in this new stage and is optimistic about it. « We will win again », is the message.

Questioned at La Gazzetta dello Sport for his possible return as team boss, the Italian said: “I am better at 70 than most of the thirty-something I compare myself with every day. If Alonso needs me, I am willing to help him, but I personally have no desire to return to a Formula 1 team. In 2021 Alonso returns, Briatore does not« 

Flavio also sees the Asturian better now: “Compared to when he was at McLaren, Fernando has lost five kilos and cars are now easier to drive than three or four years ago. Old Fernando? He is highly motivated and fit, two years out of Formula 1 have detoxified him. ”

« We will win again »

Briatore has also justified the signing of Alonso for Renault instead of Aston Martin, which has acquired Racing Point for 2021. “This year Racing Point has a great car, with which it will be able to fight Ferrari. Also, we have a great relationship with Stroll, but Renault is Fernando’s house. Luca Di Meo will help a lot, I have faith in him, he will motivate everyone and he will contribute enormously to the entire team. We will win again« He concluded optimistically.