Believes the car’s problems are due to lack of leadership

Think that the Scuderia needs someone to always keep it afloat

Flavio Briatore thinks that the problems Scuderia Ferrari has had on track in recent years are due to the team not having a clear leader at the moment. The Italian recalls that the team manager is an essential figure in any team and sees anomalies in the team in that regard.

In its glory years, Ferrari was characterized in part by the great figure of leader that Jean Todt had within the Scuderia. More than ten years after his departure, the Scuderia has not recovered from the great team that had formed around the French. Briatore, in part, attributes the blame for the problems on the track to the lack of a clear leader and regrets that the Scuderia does not triumph despite having great drivers.

“Ferrari have had problems on the track in recent years, they have had very good drivers in the team, but despite this, they have not been able to win anything. There is always a reason for this and that is that the team does not have a clear leader and when there is no clear leader, the team does not work, “claimed Briatore in an interview for the Italian media L´Insider.

Briatore sees essential that the team leader knows all the members of the squad and that he is also capable of dealing with any complicated situation. Briatore thinks that the leader should have clear roles and not assume too many responsibilities, as perhaps has been the case with Mattia Binotto.

A team leader must keep the team afloat at all timesHe must have people who support him and he must also know the team, the engineers and know how to manage well, “the Italian businessman stressed.

“A team leader is essential and at Ferrari there is an anomaly because it is the technical director who becomes the team leader, consequently you no longer have the technical director, you have a team leader and that is something that is not good. “, has assured in relation to Binotto.

Briatore sees Ferrari in a very difficult situation and thinks that the team needs to rely on the people who have helped the most in the most difficult moments throughout these years. In addition, it is clear that it is a historical team, to which no pilot would say no.

“There are always people who support the team in the most difficult moments. At the moment, Ferrari is going through difficult moments and it is a team that has a great name, I think any driver would sacrifice himself to be able to race for two or three seasons with them“, Flavio added to finish.

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