The Italian acknowledges that the lack of competitiveness ended the patience of the Spanish

He would like to see Alonso in a winning team in 2021

Flavio Briatore says that Fernando Alonso was not happy in his last season in Formula 1. The Italian is clear that his pupil at Renault did not enjoy his second stage in the McLaren team, and seeing that neither the car nor the power unit they were good enough, he started to lose patience.

The Italian comments that the lack of competitiveness of McLaren and Honda filled the patience of the Asturian. The switch to Renault engines in 2018 didn’t help either. Those of Woking did not manage to overcome the flight.

Briatore maintains that now, on the other hand, Alonso is indeed happy, since he has the opportunity to test and compete in different categories in the world of motorsport. He explains that he is a born competitor, who is passionate about trying new things.

“Fernando in his last year in Formula 1 was not happy, now he is happy. His last years in Formula 1 were not good, the car was not competitive, neither was the engine, and his patience began to run out, “said Briatore in the official podcast of Formula 1, Beyond The Grid.

“Also, the organization of the McLaren team was not the best. Now McLaren is much better and Fernando is also, he is competing in all kinds of races, he is a born race driver, he loves trying new things “, he added.

On the other hand, Briatore adds that Michael Schumacher also had problems with the Cosworth biker in his time as a Benetton rider, similar to those of Alonso with Honda. Of course, the transalpine maintains that the Japanese need time to produce a winning power unit, since Formula 1 is a long-term race for them.

Schumacher with Cosworth had an Alonso-like problem with Honda. Cosworth did not invest enough money, and so at Benetton we signed with Renault. For me the Japanese and Honda need time, Formula 1 is like a marathon for them. In its early years, in addition to the engine, the team was also a disaster, “he said.

Lastly, he has not dared to make a prediction on whether Alonso will return to Formula 1 in 2021. Of course, he explains that he would like to see him in a winning team like Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull.

“We will see, I do not know what will happen. Many contracts end and there are many people who are moving. I would like to see Fernando in a team that has a 50% chance of winning the race from the start of it.. But there are not many teams for that, only Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, “said Briatore to finish.

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