Briatore: «Alonso is incredible, I don’t think I have seen anything like it»

The representative and close friend of Fernando Alonso, Flavio Briatore, was present at El Hormiguero and spoke about his relationship with the Spanish driver, as well as his return to Formula 1 with the Renault team.

Since in 2000 Flavio Briatore began his contacts with a young Spanish driver who competed in Formula 3000, the relationship between the Italian and Fernando Alonso has gone from being professional to deeply friendly.

That is why Flavio Briatore is one of the people who knows the Asturian best and it is not surprising that he was asked about him during his presence at El Hormiguero, where he even remembered the signing of the first contract between the two when the Italian was director of Renault F1. “It’s very fast, I think it’s incredible and nothing like it has been seen. I was 18 years old, I saw him and we talked in my office. I said: “Here is the contract.” And he said: “I have to think about it.” Signed instantly! You can immediately see that talent in Fernando. He is very dedicated, very kind, we are family, “he said.

“I love him very much, he is honored, I am delighted that he is back”

In fact, Briatore continues to act as Fernando Alonso’s representative and advisor, which is why he was involved in the decision to return to Formula 1 with Renault. «Yes, we work together. It was something joint, we talked about it. We’ve done amazing things together and have fantastic memories.. I love him very much, he is honored, I am delighted that he is back, he is one of the best, he is motivated and very fit. It is good for Spain.

Recovered from the coronavirus

On a more general level, Briatore believes that Formula 1 has changed and become even more corporate, preventing young drivers from showing their true personality.

“Everything changes, the drivers are not the same as when Fernando was there,” says Briatore. «But now everything is different, now the new and young boys are hardly recognized. Before there was more personality and fighting spirit, now everything is more organized and corporate. Now the news is that Fernando is back with Renault, that’s the news ».

Finally, Briatore spoke of his recent contagion of COVID-19, which was intensively reported in the media. «There was a lot of talk in the press, I recovered and it was covered as if I were dead … My experience was like pneumonia. Five days admitted to the hospital and three weeks quarantine at home. What did I do? It’s a secret, “concluded the Italian.