As we have already seen, in recent days the situation due to the coronavirus has not improved and the vast majority are at home working or resting to avoid massive contagion. That is why several of our favorite musicians have done everything so that their fans have something to entertain themselves with right now, from chatting with them to throwing livestream concerts and the great Brian May has joined all of them.

It turns out that the Queen guitarist decided to start using his Instagram account to broadcast live and chat with the thousands of fans he has. In addition to talking to them about the situation the world is going through, he has given us little touches in the comfort of his home and He is even taking advantage of teaching us some music in these complex moments.

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In the third installment of these videos that the musician and doctor of astrophysics is uploading daily, he started joking and saying that among the many news that there is about the coronavirus, he heard good news, that at the end of the year we can already leave our homes. Then he went on to mention that humanity has survived a lot of horrible things and that this will be no exception. And to reward all the lucky folks who were watching it live, Brian May gave them a very special gift.

Suddenly turned up the volume on his legendary Red Special guitar and with all the patience in the world began to explain the correct way to play the “Bohemian Rhapsody” solo., the iconic Queen song. Beyond quickly showing how he performs solo, He took the time to teach all the complex techniques within the song so that it would come out just like him..

As if this were not enough and for us all to be the closest thing to the original 1975 recording, He also showed us the guitar effects he uses to play it and even showed us the configuration of his Vox amplifier.. If you want to do something productive right now, go for the guitar that you have lying around and Check out these days the tutorial that Brian May recorded so that we can learn to play the solo from “Bohemian Rhapsody”: