One of the musicians that many admire is Brian May, than conquered the world with Queen for that peculiar sound he got with the spectacular Red Special guitar. When the quarantine began, he also received the applause of many because he is teaching us to play the songs that we love the most in the band, but not everything has been laughter and fun for him right now.

Beginnings of May, the 72-year-old guitarist was taken to the hospital for a small accident he had on his nachas when he was gardening at his home. But beyond that peculiar and improbable injury that many took as something minor, It seems that there was a much bigger problem and that it turned on the red lights around him.


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On his Instagram account, Brian May recounted in a video the medical adventures he has experienced in this pandemic. “They did an MRI and yes, I had a tear in my … my gluteus maximus”said the guitarist, thinking that that was the cause of the enormous pain I felt.

However, a week later he returned to the hospital to have an MRI of his spine, which revealed that he had a compressed sciatic nerve. As the good Brian mentions, the nerve was: “Severely compressed and that’s why I had the feeling that someone was putting a screwdriver in my back.”

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And as if this wasn’t enough to be alarmed, Brian May returned to the doctors because he suffered a heart attack. According to the musician: “In the middle of the whole buttock pain saga I had a small heart attack.” Further, He said he endured about 40 minutes of chest pain and tightness.

May revealed that her doctor discovered she had three blocked arteries and that everyone involved treated his case as an emergency: “It actually turned out that I had three arteries that were congested and in danger of blocking the blood supply to my heart.”

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Fortunately for him, his family and fans, they operated on him shortly and he left feeling completely fine. So for the moment, Brian May is at home recovering from all these days going in and out of hospitals, making us believe that it is bulletproof. Here we leave the video where the guitarist tells this whole story: