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For several years, the departure of the musician Brian Jones She has been wrapped in a great cloud of mystery. Was it her excesses or did someone want to end her life?

Brian Jones He was one of the most important founders of the famous Rolling Stones group, however, he would not enjoy success for many years after going through a streak of bad years before the moment of his fatal departure.

There are several questions that assailed the fans of the rock group the Stones after losing one of his members However, the idea that there was a person responsible for the fatal scene has surrounded the artist’s death for many years.

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Likewise, it is known that the singer, was also prey to several excessesHowever, a sinister story accompanies the possible reasons why his life could have tragically ended for the 27 years.

The sudden departure of Brian Jones a July 3, 1969 shook the world from rock, one of the most important rock figures had lost his life.

In the words of a journalist specialized, who portrayed his last days, the singer lived day by day with the ghosts of his excesses and at the time he left he was no longer part of the group.

Official version

Brian He was found in the pool of his already lifeless residence, which caused a great impact among his former colleagues, arousing their suspicions, particularly because Jones He was an excellent swimmer, they claimed.

the same Keith Richards The band’s co-founder noted, « His departure » was always suspicious. « 

Everyone knew he was a good swimmer and it was absurd that he could drown in a pool, unless someone had caused it, « added the guitarist.

Right away, some rumors of a « provoked fact » more than circumstantial they arose immediately.

They reveal that agents opened the investigation six weeks after the coroner delivered a preliminary report referring to « circumstantial causes » to the facts, derived from a combination of  » alcohol«  and « substances »

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However, some of his former colleagues never credited the official versions.

Maybe Brian was trying to do one of his deep dive tricks and he was very drunk and breastfed, and that was it. But I saw him swim in horrible conditions. He was a good swimmer and it’s hard to believe he lost his life like that, « argued Richards.

Another of his collaborators, the drummer Charlie Watts the facts alluded more to an overdose

He took a handful of tranquilizers, which is what he used to do, and drank, and I think he went swimming in hot water, « he revealed in an interview.

Mick jagger, leader of the group was blunt and said « He drowned in a pool, the rest are people who want to make money, » according to the newspaper

Strange hypotheses

However, after several years, the name of Frank Thorogood, a worker who was working at the residence.

Or even a more insane idea haunted the versions, which he will point out was derived from « debts with the musical mafia », the singer was no longer part of the group so he may have wanted to break high contracts, according to Diego Perri, author of the book « Homeland Stone « .

A day at the band’s rehearsals in 1964. AP

The same author also reveals that « the same Frank I would confess it to Tom Keyloc, assistant and driver of the Stones « , and in turn, this one confessed it to Diego.

And in one of the more versions rough that may have arisen indicates that such events could respond to one of the members of the same Stones, since the musician was against to sign a contract to get rid of the name of the band.

But even though his relationship It was no longer good for then, they reveal « it was a very hard blow for all the members », who were together in a last presentation playing sitar in « You Got The Silver », in the studio for the future Let It Bleed.

They claim that the relationship between them had worn out and Brian He no longer « accepted not to take the lead. »

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The last years of its decline

They also reveal that the last few years have not been good for JonesHe faced excesses, became a prisoner, did not show much interest in the group’s career, and his conduct reflected this: He missed the rehearsals which culminated in the decision to remove him from the group.

Of various touches instruments: Slide guitar, sitar, melotron, guitar, percussion, xylophone, dulcimer, mandolin, accordion and others, he was not even able to compose.

So the « strong duo between Jagger and Richards within the group, it left no room for more collaborators, « the journalist reiterated.

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Brian’s role in the Stones

One of the most important in its beginnings, since it could be said was the founder of the group, the brilliant musician was also the one who baptized the group, from the name of the theme of Muddy Waters, later he was adding musicians to his project.

He was the leader of the band, the most experienced musician and who rubbed shoulders with great musicians from the London circle.

Brian Jones was born in Cheltenham, on February 28, 1942, to a wealthy family. It was the first of Rolling Stones in frequenting the Arling Blues Club where several British musicians from the ’60s made school.

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After meeting the singer Mick jagger, the guitarist Keith Richards and pianist Ian Stewart formed the group in 1962.