Brett Gardner: the man everyone wants to have

Anyone who sees Brett Gardner would think that he has been playing baseball for forty or fifty years, that he has always been with the New York Yankees but no, he is 37 years old and to define the impact of his figure within the Manhattan Mules we would have to go back to the words of Joe Girardi, when at the time he expressed that he always wanted Gardner in his lineup.

We are not talking about a guy with the punch or charisma of Derek Jeter, no, like El Capitan there is no one, but just as Brett gives a particular stamp to the game that everyone applauds; Beyond his seriousness, his ritual hitting the roof of the dogout with the bat, beyond his serious face and his paucity, he is undoubtedly to this day, an icon within the best ball team in the world, he is even the only one that remains in the club, of that group that won the World Series in 2009.

Brett Gardner is like a talisman, in general, his numbers are not impressive, 257 average, 531 RBIs and 130 homers but when we see his 231 stolen bases and his OPS of 739, we realize his tremendous impact; He is a player who knows how to get on base and that in modern baseball is a primary requirement, hence his immeasurable value for a man like Joe Girardi.

He is an indispensable player, untouchable I would say without fear of being wrong and if he has already been playing for the Yankees for thirteen years, no one doubts that he will end his career as an active player in the team of his loves.

Gardner is already a living legend within the Bombers, not with the pedigree of others, if with the personality of very few and that is worth a lot.

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