Turn Heel by Bret Hart that changed history

Turn Heel by Bret Hart that changed history | Remembering is reliving and today is the 23rd anniversary of one of the most remembered historical moments by classic WWE fans.

💥23 years ago the unforgettable fight Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin happened at Wrestlemania 13

💪🏼Submission Match w / referee Ken Shamrock

RetBret switched to heel and Austin to face

UstinAustin lost by becoming unconscious, but did not give up

Dave Meltzer gave it 5 stars pic.twitter.com/n2tWSlrukr

– Karl Argila (@argilacarlos) March 23, 2020

The Rosemont Horizon experienced one of the best historical moments in professional wrestling. Wrestlemania 13 was held in Illinois and there was a match that managed to outshine the rest of the show’s matches. Steve Austin and Bret Hart faced each other in a surrender match, with the incentive that Ken Shamrock was the referee special of that combat.

The fight was one of the best remembered in the WWE ring, even Dave Meltzer gave it five stars. The match ended with Steve Austin unconscious on the canvas, and although Ken Shamrock did not surrender, he declared the Canadian the winner.

After the fight and before all odds Bret Hart continued to attack Steve Austin, making one of the most memorable turn heel ever. Shamrock had to step in and separate Bret Hart with a suplex.

Bret Hart’s turn heel did not end there as it would reappear during the all-star match of the evening to intervene on behalf of The Undertaker, causing Sycho Sid to lose the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania and that The Undertaker managed to increase his legend at Wrestlemania by making the score 6-0.

Do you remember this historic moment?

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