The great success of the career of Dominic Thiem It has come from the hand of Nico Massú, the coach who has made him take off on the fast track, but in the past no figure has been more relevant than the Austrian Gunter Bresnik, With whom ‘The New York Times’ has spoken to assess the triumph at the US Open and the future of his former player, for whom Gunther predicts a great future.

Bresnik acknowledges that it was not a good match and that in the long run Thiem had the upper hand.

“The level of the match was for me one of the worst finals I ever saw in my life. But they were two young players trying to do something they had never done before in their lives. For me, the best technique lasts longer in a match, and Dominic has the best technique and is the boy since 2016 who most deserves the Grand Slam title after taking away the big three. “

About his chances at Roland Garros and his future at the Grand Slams.

“For Dominic to move from one surface to another, I would say it takes half an hour. He is very used to it. One might think that winning the first big at 27 is too late. But I have said for 10 years that the best time for a tennis player today is between 26 and 33. If Dominik won five to 10 Grand Slam titles in the next five years, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. “

Thiem, who learned a lot from Gunther, recognized that he needed that change in his team.

“It was a big step and a very difficult decision. Of course I have Gunter to thank a lot. He taught me all the shots that I have, but at the same time I felt that there were some small parts of my game that I could really improve a lot, and that. it’s exactly where Nico helped me, especially the improvement I made and the progress I made on the faster surfaces, on the hard courts. “

Asked about the value of winning or not winning a ‘Big3’ in the final, Dominic responds:

“For me, it is not worth less or more. Who I defeat doesn’t matter to me. I had the opportunity in my previous finals to beat one of the big three or even two of them on the way to a title. I failed, but I hope I have more opportunities to do so. Roland Garros is just around the corner. “

About his chances in Paris and managing the emotions after the victory.

“I am very sure that physically I will be recovered and 100%, but the important thing is how to digest the United States Open emotionally and mentally. It is really a great achievement for me, bigger than anything I have achieved so far in my career so I’m not sure how to handle this. Now I’m still full of adrenaline and feelings but once a few days go by we’ll see how I feel. “