The president of the Lombard club, Massimo Cellino, thinks that it would be folly to resume the Italian championship. He warns that his team will no longer play this season, even if it means forfeiting.

His words had made an impression two weeks ago. Massimo Cellino, president of Brescia, compared coronavirus “to the plague” and claimed that it was unthinkable to end the current season in Serie A. While the governing bodies of Italian football are still hoping for a possible recovery, the boss of the Lombard club, he is adamant.

“This Serie A season no longer makes sense,” he says in the columns of the Gazzetta dello Sport. We stopped, no team will return as before, the stadiums would play behind closed doors, there also has a health risk for athletes. “

Do not replay, out of respect for the deceased

And Cellino assures that if Serie A is to resume, it will be without his team, current red lantern of the classification. “Going back to work is crazy. If they force us to, I am ready to withdraw the team from the championship and lose the games 3-0 forfeit, out of respect for the citizens of Brescia and their relatives who are no longer there. “

Finally, Cellino also attacks UEFA. “They are arrogant and irresponsible, they only think about their economic interests and their competitions,” says the former owner of Leeds. If UEFA wants to do something useful, send oxygen cylinders and respirators to Brescia, we would appreciate it. It is recalled that Italy is the country most affected in the world by the Covid-19 epidemic, with 13,155 deaths to date and 110,574 cases recorded to date.

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