Brendan Fraser’s weight surprises fans over 200 kilos?

Brendan Fraser’s weight surprises fans over 200 kilos? | AP

Undoubtedly one of the stars of the show business films Hollywood of the 90s and 2000s was undoubtedly the actor American Brendan Fraser, who recently had an appearance that has left fans shocked by his remarkable weight gain.

Brendan fraser He began his career in 1988, but it was from 1991 that he began to act, he was born on December 3, 1968 and is originally from Indianapolis, United States, he is currently 52 years old.

It is said that he appeared in front of the cameras at the premiere of a film starring Jon Hamm, Benicio del Toro and Don Cheadle, which is entitled “No Sudden More”, however, what was surprising about his appearance was his appearance.

As you may remember, Fraser is known for his participation in film hits such as “George on the jungle“or in Spanish George de la selva in 1997, in addition to”The monia“in 1999 and”To the devil with the devil“in the year 2000 respectively, where he wore a figure that made millions of women sigh.

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The actor was always known not only for being a pretty face as well as charismatic but for the fact that he was really talented, so far he has had the opportunity to participate in 56 film projects, the most recent being the one that will be released in 2022 entitled “The Whale“.

Precisely this project that is close to being released, according to certain statements by his own followers, this is the reason for his weight gain, according to the CNN portal, he currently weighs 270 kilos.

The character that Fraser will play in his next film is called Charlie, this is a man who has severe obesity and who wanted to reconnect with his teenage daughter because he had become estranged, this theme we have seen in several movies over the years Perhaps the issue of obesity as such had not been addressed, so it will surely be a surprise to the actor’s fans to see him in such a role.

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It is likely that Brendan Fraser has decided to apply “the method”, that is, this technique that talented actors have applied when developing an important role in their careers such as Christian Bale and also Robert Pattinson, coincidentally both have played Batman at some point in their careers.

However, this weight gain on the part of the actor remains a bit in doubt, because today thanks to technology and the ease of makeup there is a way to turn an actor into someone who looks totally different from him.

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Some Internet users on Twitter have made comments about the actor’s appearance, that there is undoubtedly an important reason for his current appearance, there are those who without knowing, as is customary, simply dedicated themselves to criticizing without knowing what is behind.

Apparently Fraser has been having a very bad time for a couple of years, since when he refused to use stuntmen, he tended to perform stunts himself, which was harmful to his body, causing him to have to undergo constant operations to over about seven years.

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One misfortune after another because he also divorced his wife Afton Smith with whom he had 3 children and his mother who lost her life were a strong influence for the actor to sink into a deep depression, from which he fortunately managed to get out little by little.

Returning to the stage in 2019 because five years before he had moved away from the stage, since his return he has had excellent reviews and the support of his fans who affirm that he will always be one of their favorite actors and especially the most handsome they have ever met. with or without overweight.

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