Good afternoon everybody! The long-awaited Tuesday arrives and with it, the favorite section of all our readers. You as usual every week, ask and we answer, direct contact with users on issues related to tennis. If by chance you have sent your question and it has not been answered, remember that we cannot answer all of them. Today, Carlos Molins will answer your questions in this new installment of “Ask us”.

Name: Miguel. Question: What could happen if ATP and WTA postponed tournaments in addition to Grand Slam for all this year due to the virus? Such a halt could influence the performance of many players. Thank you

Hello Miguel. Just yesterday my colleague Jose Morón wrote an article about this. Many visible faces of this sport are talking about the possibility that in 2020 we could not see tennis again. This coronavirus pandemic is not only affecting Spain, but practically the entire world. Perhaps here in the Spanish country the situation in a month is somewhat more normalized, but in the United States it may take two or three months. I think like you that this possible break could affect the performance of many players, but right now the health of everyone is the most important thing.

Name: Alberto. Question: Hello, very good PDB. My question is: Who are the tennis players most likely to retire this year: Wawrinka, Gasquet, Anderson, Isner? With the health crisis we are currently experiencing, do you think that the withdrawal options of any of these players will increase or decrease? Thank you.

Alberto is a very good question. There are tennis players like Carla Suárez who have made it clear that despite this pandemic, their thinking of leaving tennis in 2020 is unmovable. I do not know if we will have some withdrawals in the men’s circuit in 2020, but I think that as there is little activity, many tennis players who are already thinking about a possible retirement will wait for the next year. It is not the same to do it from home than on the track. Of those named, I think the one who has the best chance of retiring is Isner, but before him I see other names such as Feliciano, Karlovic or Del Potro.

Name: Derlis. Question: Hi everyone. Greetings from Paraguay. How much would be the economic loss for tennis due to the forced stoppage by COVID-19 (as long as it is until June 7)? Should players do physical conditioning on the track before returning to normal competition with full guarantees? Or with the individual trainings, what does each one do at home to compete well?

Hello Derlís. The exact data we do not know but we know that all the tournaments that could not be held have had many losses. Feliciano López himself made it clear a few days ago in a talk on Cadena Ser. I think that when all this is normalized, the ATP and WTA should leave a couple of weeks more so that the tennis players can do a mini preseason. At home you can keep the shape, but you need to train on the track again to get the shape.

Name: Giancarlo Question: How would the Wimbledon pre-qualification be without counting the tournaments that are played prior to this and, on the other hand, doing a bit of futurology, counting that Roger participates in Sttutgart and Halle (counting at least the victory in Halle) and Nadal and Nole in Queens (knowing that Novak may add)?

Hello Giancarlo. Currently the pre-classification of Wimbledon is as follows: 1) Djokovic 2nd) Nadal, 3rd) Federer, 4th) Thiem, 5th) Medvedev, 6th) Tsitsipas, 7th) Zverev, 8th) Baptist, 9th) Goffin and 10th) Monfils. I think that if all the hypotheses you named were produced, the ranking would be exactly the same, since the difference between Federer with Nadal and Djokovic is quite remarkable.

Name: Leonardo Corral. Question: Hi, they’re the best, and thanks for their great informative content, my question: Considering the tennis halt, tournament cancellation, and ATP point freeze, what about Djokovic’s number one week count? Pause or continue counting. Thank you

Thank you very much for your words Leonardo. Yesterday my colleague Diego Jiménez reported that Novak Djokovic will not add these weeks as number one in the world, thus remaining 282 weeks. Without a doubt, the Serbian will not be happy with this decision, since he has been the most affected by this decision. In this way, Roger Federer has 310 weeks, Pete Sampras with 286 and Djokovic with 282.

Name: Claudio Burgos. Question: Hello PDB. Thanks for all the information about tennis, in truth, I thought that with the subject of the pandemic there would be hardly any news on the page, but I see that they continue to work a lot. My question is, haven’t you thought about opening a YouTube channel? There are several tennis channels, but most are in English and for my part I have only found one or two Spanish speaking channels that have reasonable information and arguments. I think it would do them quite well and increase both their followers and those of the general public for tennis. Greetings.

Hello Claudio. It is certainly an option that we will value in the future. Since last week we have gone one step further and have opened a podcast where every week we will talk about all the latest tennis news, interviewing many faces of the sport, with the sole purpose of having fun and entertaining. The page month by month is increasing in numbers of visits thanks to each one of you and that will mean that in the future we will improve our services. Remind you that tomorrow we have a new appointment with our podcast. Who will we interview?

Name: Alberto. Question: Hello good friends of Punto de Break. My question is about Roger Federer and it is the following. Why does Federer almost always end up making an unforced error when he serves second serve? It is clear that the serve has given him a lot throughout his career but what is that bad feeling that the Swiss has when playing with second service. Greetings.

Hello Alberto. Not at all like that. In a news story a month ago on the ATP official website, it was shown that Federer led in points earned for second service earned between 2015 and 2019, earning 58.61% (4,237 / 7,229) of his second service points, followed by Nadal with 57.86% (4,011 / 6,932), and Djokovic with 56.92% (4407/7742). Obviously he will make some unforced error due to the strain of having to serve with a second serve, but Roger’s percentages are not bad at all.

Name: Mateo. Question: Hello PdB. Could you analyze to which players this quarantine break comes in handy and who doesn’t? Make it all of the top ten please. Thank you

Hello Mateo. I think the maximum beneficiary has been Roger Federer. The Swiss could never believe that he would be out of the circuit for so many weeks and still maintain fourth place in the ranking. Other beneficiaries even if he is not in the top ten is Fabio Fognini. The Italian who defended many points on the ground will keep eleventh place in the ranking. The rest of the players I think are harmed, since on clay they usually play a good role. Although I think that the most affected are Nadal, Djokovic and Thiem.

Name: Claudio Burgos. Question: Good PDB. In your opinion, what were the best players on clay and grass? I am interested in seeing and inquiring more about women’s tennis and could you give me something like its top 5, regarding the surfaces mentioned. Thank you.

Hello Claudio. On clay my historical top 5 in the women’s category is: Chris Evert, Steffi Graff, Serena Williams, Justine Henin and Margaret Smith. As for grass, I’d go for Martina Navratilova, Serena Williams, Steffi Graff, Venus Williams, and Billie Jean King. This is a personal opinion. Each one will have their own ranking on these surfaces.

Name: Victor. Question: It is a shame that Carlos Alcaraz cannot finally play Indian Wells and Miami. Could I receive a wildcard for the next edition?

Hello Victor. The Murcian tennis player has undoubtedly been very unlucky. If I were the tournament director, for the next edition of Indian Wells and Miami I would keep the same wildcards. It is a shame that these young players who are facing the great opportunity of their lives cannot prove their worth.

Name: Mateo. Question: Hello PdB. Which players are good at changing tracks at the Us Open? How does it affect the game of Nadal? And Goffin’s? Is Djokovic more invincible if possible or will he be more vulnerable? Thank you

Very good question Mateo. This change will make the US Grand Slam track somewhat slower and, above all, less sensitive to weather changes in heat and humidity. I think this change benefits Nadal and Djokovic, since the slower the track, the better for them. Of the big three, the most affected is Federer, but if there is a tennis player who is capable of reversing the situation, it is him. As for Goffin, I think the change of track would also benefit his tennis.

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