8:59 GERMANY | The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has left 503 new cases and ten deaths in the last 24 hours in Germany, compared to 537 infections and three deaths recorded the day before, according to the balance published this Tuesday by the Robert Institute Koch, the German government agency responsible for monitoring infectious diseases.

8:49 CHINA | The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed on Monday a regrowth in Hong Kong of 30 new imported cases, which is the highest daily figure in more than two months in this Chinese autonomous region, while Beijing continues to diagnose new positives for local transmission and there are 249 since last June 11, when a new wave of contagion occurred in the wholesale market in the southwestern district of Fengtai.

8:39 SELECTIVITY | This Tuesday June 23 starts the most anomalous call that is remembered from the Baccalaureate Assessment of Access to University (EBAU), the old Selectivity, postponed this year until summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. Students from Navarra will be the first to be tested this week, while in most of the autonomous communities the tests will be held during the first two weeks of July.

08:32 PLENARY SESSION AT THE CONGRESS | The Congress debates and votes in the plenary session on Tuesday the motion of the PP that asks the disapproval of the interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, for the dismissals at the top of the Civil Guard. The PP initiative will be one of the highlights of the plenary’s agenda after last week the popular group announced this disapproval during the appeal to Marlaska.

08:27 ECUADOR | The Ecuadorian Ministry of Health has reported today that they have registered 275 additional cases of coronavirus with the province of Pichincha confirming most of them, 119 in the last 24 hours.

08:21 THE KINGS VISIT THE CANARY ISLANDS | The Kings of Spain, Felipe VI and Doña Letizia, will visit the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife today, where, among other acts, will meet with the tourism and agricultural sector, respectively.

08:15 REBROTE IN MURCIA | The three coronavirus infections imported from Bolivia that have sparked a regrowth in Murcia – with at least 16 infected and 60 people under surveillance – arrived at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport on a “humanitarian” flight. Its organizers warned passengers that Spain was not asking for a test. It was not a flight chartered directly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the state of alarm.

08:07 US BALANCE | The United States has overcome the barrier of 120,000 deaths from coronavirus and specifically has reached 120,271 deaths in total, according to the balance of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

07:59 POVERTY INCREASE | The uneven impact of the pandemic could increase by more than 700,000 the number of people in poverty in Spain until reaching 10.8 million, with a greater increase in the percentage of poverty in the Balearic Islands, Castilla y León, Aragon and Catalonia, according to a report by the NGO Oxfam Intermón.

07:52 WITHOUT AGREEMENT BY THE ERTES | The expansion of the ERTE begins to go against the clock, because the Government, unions and employers have closed without agreement a new meeting to extend the temporary employment regulation records until September 30. The current regulation expires on June 3rd, so they only have eight days to reach an agreement.

07:45 BALANCE SHEET IN COLOMBIA | The Colombian Ministry of Health has reported that they have registered more than 2,500 new cases of coronavirus in the Latin American country in the last 24 hours, so that the global calculation already exceeds the barrier of 70,000 infections.

Good Morning. Today is marked by another frustrated meeting between the Government, unions and employers to extend the temporary employment regulation files (ERTEs). In addition, today the most peculiar and atypical EBAU of recent years begins, marked by security measures against COVID-19. One of the news of the day will be the visit of the Kings to the Canary Islands to meet with the tourist and agricultural sectors. On the other hand, Congress debates and votes in today’s plenary session the PP motion that calls for the disapproval of the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, for the dismissals at the top of the Civil Guard.