Break the silence: Alicia Villarreal’s daughter talks about the sexual abuse she suffered by a relative

Melanie is the daughter of Alicia Villarreal and Arturo Carmona. Unfortunately, her name has become recognized in the artistic world not only for being the daughter of a very famous singer from Mexico, and an outstanding actor from the world of telenovelas, also from the Aztec country, but also for the raw experience that led her to being a victim of sexual abuse, by a family member.

It should be noted that the young woman who from the moment in which Melenie Carmona Villarreal decided to tell what happened to her received all the support from her mother and Cruz Martínez, her husband, according to People en Español magazine. Carmona also reacted, who also filed a lawsuit against the person involved. The young woman spoke with the Ventaneando program where she stated that the most important thing for her has been the support she has received from her family, since they did not discredit herThey believed in her and now she cannot give further details because the case is being processed.

But he did emphasize something that Frida Sofía herself asks for: justice. And it is that she also accuses a relative of indecent touching. “May the law do its justice,” said the daughter of Alicia Villarreal. “Family support is everything,” said the young woman.

Here are the statements made by Arturo Carmona when all this scandal broke out.

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