Brazil’s Ministry of Health recommends for ‘human error’ social distancing against COVID-19

The Brazilian Ministry of Health recommended the healthy distance to prevent COVID-19, but later clarified that it was a “human error” to do so

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Jair bolsonaro, leader of the Brazilian far-right denier, attributed to a “human error”The publication of a message on his social networks in which he recommended the social distancing as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Ministry published a message this Thursday morning in which it defended social distancing as the best measure to stop the advance of COVID-19 in the absence of remedies to prevent or treat the disease, but shortly afterwards it deleted it without explanation.

“Our biggest action against the virus is social distancing and adherence to individual protection measures,” said the message that the Ministry later described as wrong information.

Tweet from the Brazilian Ministry of Health on social distancing to prevent COVID-19. Screenshot

The message was surprising because the Bolsonaro government is one of the most skeptical about the seriousness of the pandemic and has criticized the social distancing measures imposed by regional and municipal administrations to combat COVID-19.

The far-right leader alleges that the measures will not stop the pandemic but they can generate a generalized bankruptcy of the Business Y mass layoffs of employees, and that the hungry it can cause more deaths than the disease itself.

In a statement last week in which he referred to the possibility that regional governments would again impose social distancing measures in the face of a possible second wave of the pandemic, Bolsonaro affirmed that Brazil cannot be “a country of queers.”

After several hours of silence on the reason for having deleted the message recommending social distancing, the Ministry of Health clarified in a statement that the publication was withdrawn from social networks and later corrected “for containing wrong information: a human error which has already been corrected ”.

Ministry contradicted Bolsonaro by assuring that there is no cure

In the initial publication, the Ministry affirmed that they do not exist in the world remedies to prevent or cure COVID-19 despite the fact that Bolsonaro, who contracted the disease, defends the use of chloroquine to treat disease.

The head of state assures that he overcame the disease with chloroquine, a antimalarial whose efficacy to treat coronavirus is not scientifically proven and is not recommended due to its side effects, which include cardiac arrhythmias.

In the message in which it “corrected” the initial information, the Ministry admitted, however, that there is still no “effective solution” to serve the population and avoid the risk of contagion.

The Ministry, in its new message, only recommends as preventive measures “until an effective solution is found” the use of gel alcohol and of mask, as well as handwashing frequently.

“The treatment protocol for the disease and the use of medicines is at the discretion of health professionals, according to the will of the patients,” says the correction message.

The Ministry’s denial of social distancing As a measure to prevent the coronavirus, it occurred on the same day that Brazil registered 34 thousand 91 new cases, bringing the total number of infections close to 6 million, amid an acceleration of the transmission curve after several months at the low.

According to the bulletin released this Thursday by the Ministry of Health, Brazil registered 756 new deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, so the accumulated number of deaths reaches 167,455.

Such figures confirm Brazil as the second country with the most deaths in the world by COVID-19, after the United States, and as the third with the most cases, after the United States and India.

The figures also reinforce the warnings of the specialists in the sense that, after having managed to reduce the cases and deaths from the disease in October to the levels they were in May, Brazil is experiencing a probable second wave of the pandemic without having passed the first one.

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