Brazil team confirms participation in Copa América 2021: players criticize Conmebol | America’s Cup 2021

The players of the Brazilian national team complied: after playing the double round of Qualifiers to Qatar 2022, they pronounced on the realization of the America’s Cup. After beating Paraguay 0-2, in Asunción, the ‘verdeamarela’ footballers came together to express their concept and state that they are “dissatisfied” with carrying out the contest despite the social and health conditions that the continent is experiencing.

In a statement, the Brazilian players criticized Conmebol and the Copa América.

“We are a cohesive group, but with different ideas. For various reasons, whether humanitarian or professional, we are dissatisfied with the conduct of the Copa América by Conmebol, whether it is held in Chile or even in Brazil ”, say the scratch players. “All recent events lead us to believe in an inadequate process in its realization”, they add.

The footballers wanted to make it clear that “at no time did we want to make this discussion political. We are aware of the importance of our position, we follow what the media publishes, we are present on social networks. We also speak to prevent more fake news from circulating involving our names without the true facts. “

Finally, the players recalled that “we are workers, soccer professionals. We have a mission to fulfill with the historic green and yellow jersey, five times world champion ”. Thus, “we are against the organization of the Copa América, but we will never say no to the Brazilian team.”

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