Brazil suffers frosts in coffee, corn and sugar cane producing regions

SAO PAULO, Jun 30 (.) – Brazil was experiencing frost in areas of corn, sugar cane and coffee on Wednesday, according to consultancy Rural Clima.

Frosts were hitting from the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul to northern Sao Paulo, affecting some coffee growing areas, Rural Clima meteorologist Marco Antonio dos Santos said.

“We haven’t seen this type of frost in Brazil for a long time,” he said in a note to customers.

Frosts affected the Mogiana coffee region and some areas in southern Minas Gerais, which are the main arabica producing areas, on Wednesday.

The extreme cold also impacted the sugarcane-producing regions in Sao Paulo, southern Mato Grosso do Sul, and northern Paraná, Brazil’s second-largest corn-producing state, which has been severely affected by the declines. temperatures this week.

(Reporting by Roberto Samora. Edited in Spanish by Marion Giraldo)

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