Brazil subdues Colombia with a goal from Casemiro in 99

06/24/2021 at 4:31 AM CEST

Brazil pulled off epic to beat Colombia (2-1), add their third victory in three games and guarantee themselves the leadership of Group B, when they still have one last game to play. A head of the madridista Casemiro, in a corner served by Neymar Jr., certified the Canarinho victory in minute 99 of an endless discount.




Weverton; Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Alex Sandro (Renan Lodi, 61 ‘); Casemiro, Fred (Lucas Paquetá, 67 ‘), Everton Ribeiro (Roberto Firmino, 45’); Richarlison (Gabigol, 76 ‘), Neymar Jr. and Gabriel Jesus (Everton Cebolinha, 76’).


Ospina; Muñoz, Yerry Mina, Davinson Sánchez, Tesillo; Box, Wilmar Barrios, Uribe, Luis Díaz (Murillo, 90 ‘); Borré (Cuéllar, 63 ‘) and Zapata (Borja 63’)


Nestor Pitana (Argentina). TA Alex Sandro (14 ‘), Everton Ribeiro (27’), Neymar (85 ‘) / Cuadrado (69’), Ospina (92 ‘), Wilmar Barrios (98’), Cuéllar (101 ‘)


0-1, Luis Díaz (9 ‘); 1-1, Firmino (77 ‘), 2-1 Casemiro (99’)


Match of the fourth day of Group B of the Copa América played behind closed doors, due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, at the Nilton Santos Stadium (Rio de Janeiro).

Colombia, very serious and compact, deserved much more in a clash that it dominated mainly, in a good first half. The team of Reinaldo Rueda signed a performance of merit, which ended without a prize, but which shows the way to be followed in the quarterfinals. The enormous disappointment at the loss cannot erase the work of a team that put the No. 1 favorite to the title on the ropes.

On the way out, the coffee growers infringed on a direct that left the Seleçao groggy. The team of Tite, who had six games with a clean sheet, saw how Luis Diaz he scored the best goal of what we had in the tournament. SquareActing as a right winger, a pinpoint center was taken to the far post and the Porto player finished off with a spectacular Chilean.

A great goal from those who can and should be seen in a loop, in the 9th minute, which marked the entire first half. Brazil felt the blow and in what way: they did not know how to play with the scoreboard against and did not find themselves. He abused the centers and did not create any clear opportunities in the entire first half.

For the coffee growers, on the other hand, Díaz’s goal was an instant injection of confidence, of believing it and recovering feelings. Much better placed on the field of play, those of Reinaldo Rueda they played the most consistent and credible football since landing in Brazil. Their best virtue was the tactical discipline with which they silenced a Canarinha who wandered and with a Neymar that it seemed again that he was waging war on his own.


Brazil took the handle after the break, closed Colombia and went to look for the tying goal. Neymar He had it in the 65th minute, received a heel from Firmino, exceeded the output of Ospina and very forced he sent the ball to the post. It was a harbinger of what was to come.

The game was already a Brazilian monologue. And the tie came in a play much protested by the Colombians, because a Neymar center touched the referee, the rebound fell into the possession of the Brazilians: Alex Sandro ended up centering so that Roberto Firmino will mark with a head in which Ospina it failed miserably. The meeting lasted more than seven minutes between the VAR’s approval and the coffee growers’ complaints.

Then, Neymar flirted with the direct red when he elbowed Wilmar Barrios. The atmosphere became very hot. And it was entered in an addition of 10 minutes, which, in reality, was almost an extension. And, there, Brazil, grown and convinced of its possibilities, took oil from a corner very poorly defended by Colombia, in which the connection Neymar-Casemiro it was lethal.

There are no limits … dominated by a peso in Reforma