Brazil.- Iberdrola accelerates the construction of its largest wind farm in Brazil, with an investment of 480 million

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Iberdrola, through its Brazilian subsidiary Neoenergia, has begun construction of its Oitis wind ‘mega-complex’ in Brazil, the group’s largest project of its kind in the South American country with an installed capacity of 566.5 megawatts (MW) and whose investment will amount to about 480 million euros.

As reported by the Iberdrola subsidiary, work begins three months earlier than expected in its business plan, after having received the authorizations for the project from the Institute of the Environment and Water Resources of the State of Bahia.

Together with the Chafariz wind complex (471 MW), which the energy company is building in Paraiba, these two projects will add more than one gigawatt (GW) to the group’s renewables portfolio in the country in 2022, thus tripling the wind generation capacity current.

Despite the difficult environment due to the Covid-19 health crisis, Iberdrola has not stopped advancing its portfolio of projects in the world, complying with prevention and health protocols, throughout 2020.

The development of the Oitis wind complex, which will be located between the states of Piau and Bahia, in Northeast Brazil, is expected to generate more than 1,500 jobs in the region at construction peaks.

The 12 wind farms that will make up the complex will have a total of 103 wind turbines with a power of 5.5 MW each, with a height of 126 meters, the equivalent of a 25-story building.

Likewise, a 500 kilovolt (KV) voltage substation will be built and approximately 71 kilometers of transmission line to guarantee the connection of the new wind complex to the Queimada Nova II substation in Piauí.

With these 566.5 MW of power, Oitis will rise to the world podium of onshore wind complexes of the Iberdrola group by installed capacity, only behind the US Peñascal, located in the state of Texas (606 MW), and just ahead of the Scottish Whitelee wind farm, located south of Glasgow (539 MW).

The energy generated in Oitis will be used mainly for commercialization in the free energy market. Both of this complex and Chafariz, the group has already closed the sale of 67.6% of the energy for the year 2022, when both should have started their operations.

In addition to these projects, Neoenergia reached an asset purchase agreement with PEC Energía last September for the acquisition of a portfolio of wind power generation projects that add a potential capacity to be installed of about 400 megawatts MW, thus giving a step further in its growth in renewables in Brazil, one of its strategic markets.