Brazil has already vaccinated against COVID-19 all the elderly over 90, says government

Brazil managed to vaccinate against the disease of the new
Coronavirus (COVID-19) to all people 90 years and older in the country and more than 70 percent of health professionals, the government reported.

In a document sent by the General Attorney of the Union (AGU) and released today by the local press, the Brazilian government assured that all institutionalized adults over 60 years old (living in nursing homes) and people with disabilities were also vaccinated. institutionalized.

The document is a response to a request from the Supreme Federal Court (STF) that requested that the government detail the order of vaccination within the priority groups, understanding that it was not clear which people should be treated first if vaccines were lacking, such as the case.

According to the AGU, 100 percent of Brazilians aged 90 or over (901,729) have already received the dose, as well as 73 percent of health workers (4.85 million), 100 percent of people with 60 years or more institutionalized (156,878) and all persons with institutionalized disability (6,472).

Currently, more than 5.5 million people have already been vaccinated throughout Brazil against COVID-19, although the lack of doses has caused at least five regional capitals to suspend immunization.

According to the National Vaccination Plan, updated in January, 77.2 million people were considered a priority, including older adults and doctors who act on the front line of fighting the pandemic.

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